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April 15, 2011

“It is the living standard of the people, of the working class and low-income families that concerns us, not the profits of the investors.” This was the statement of Terry Ridon, chairperson of the League of Filipino Students, as the the militant student organization railed against Malacanang’s rejection of the calls for a P125 across the board wage increase for Labor Day.

Ridon said that Mr. Aquino’s “class bias” to protect the profits of large enterprises is apparent in his refusal to support the P125 wage increase.

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“It is all too clear at this point who Mr. Aquino’s real bosses are – no one else but the bosses of Big Business.”

Ridon said that the “insensitivity” attributed to Malacanang is its inability to stem the rising costs of basic commodities while it was quick to make an outright rejection of the long-awaited P125 wage increase.

“It foot-drags when it is called to control the prices of basic commodities, but it springs into action when the calls for wage increases become almost deafening.”

Ridon also said the Aquino government’s failure to be “sensitive” to the people’s concerns should make the Palace concerned.

“The National Security Agency is right that the spiking of basic commodities and government’s inability to address these concerns can set off a torrent of unrest and frustration.”

Ridon said that the the decreasing national satisfaction ratings of the President is an indication of its successive failures in heeding the people’s calls.

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