Will the US bases be reestablished in Subic?

“We will never again allow the travesty of Philippine sovereignty. The Filipino people and Philippine Senate booted out the US bases in 1991 as one of the last vestiges of our colonial relations with America,” said Satur Ocampo, president of Makabayan coalition of eight progressive political parties.


Various groups expressed opposition to the reestablishment of US military bases in the Philippines after two US senators visited the former military base in Subic.

Last Tuesday, US Senators Daniel Inouye and Thad Cochran met with Philippine President Benigno Aquino III after visiting the Subic Bay Freeport. Malacanang denied there were talks about the revival of military bases but progressive groups deemed that the US military is searching for alternative places to establish bases in the face of growing opposition to their military bases in Okinawa, Japan, headquarters of the US 7th Pacific Fleet.

It was reported by a major media network that the US senators were exploring the probability of an increased US presence in the country, using the former Subic Naval Base, because of the recent disasters that hit Japan.

For more than 50 years after granting “independence,” the US retained control over close to 70,000 hectares covering the Subic Naval Base, Clark Air Base, Camp John Hay and several other military bases across the Philippines. On September 16, 1991, the Philippine Senate voted to reject the proposed Treaty of Friendship, Cooperation and Security which would have effectively extended the 1946 US-RP Military Bases Agreement for another 10 years.

“Twenty years after the landmark repeal by the Philippine Senate of the 1946 US-RP Military Bases Agreement (MBA), the US imperialists are again seeking to establish their military presence in Subic Bay. This will be a great historical reversal,” the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) said in a statement sent through email.

In a statement, Kabataan Rep. Raymond Palatino said that if the prospect of a return of US bases is true, it is “an irony.” “We are celebrating this year the 20th anniversary of the historic Senate vote rejecting the US bases treaty in 1991. Instead of welcoming the return of G.I. Joe, we should continue to assert our sovereignty and independence,” Palatino said.

Despite the denial of the US Embassy of reported plans to revive the military base in Subic, Gabriela Women’s Party Rep. Luzviminda Ilagan said the visit of the US Senators is “highly suspicious.”

“Why Subic and why at this time when the VFA [Visiting Forces of Agreement] is due for review?” asked Ilagan. Ilagan said the conflicts in the Middle East and the recent resurgence of China’s interest in the Spratlys are developments which can rock USA’s political and military dominance. “The US would want to retain a base or stronghold in the Philippines, which has a strategic location in Asia,” Ilagan said.

“We will never again allow the travesty of Philippine sovereignty. The Filipino people and Philippine Senate booted out the US bases in 1991 as one of the last vestiges of our colonial relations with America,” Satur Ocampo, president of Makabayan coalition, a coalition of eight progressive political parties, said.

“If the Aquino regime acquiesces to the US government’s plan to reestablish its facilities in Subic, it would be committing a grave historic act of treachery against the Filipino people,” said the CPP.


Makabayan Coalition assailed the ongoing “secret talks” between US officials and Philippine government executives on the possible comeback of US bases in Subic. The group demanded full transparency of the talks.

The Makabayan coalition particularly noted the “secrecy” and media blackout behind the four-day visit of the two US senators with Aquino, Senate President Enrile, Foreign Affairs Secretary del Rosario, Olongapo city officials and Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority (SBMA) executives.

“We demand full transparency of the talks involving bilateral relations of our country with the US. Global realities today show a clear weaning away of former client states from US big power politics as seen in increasing number of Latin American countries, in North Africa and in the Middle East. Any US military build-up in the Southeast and the Pacific should be blocked by all freedom-loving peoples and nations,” the coalition said.

Virtual Basing of US Troops

In a statement, Bagong Alyansang Makabayan said the VFA and the Mutual Logistics Support Agreement (MLSA) have allowed virtual basing of US troops in the country.

“Philippine sovereignty has already been undermined by the Visiting Forces Agreement which allows the unhampered entry of an unlimited number of US troops for an unspecified length of stay, with undefined objectives. This has paved the way for the permanent stationing of US troops in Mindanao. The VFA is not a basing agreement and cannot be used to justify the return of US bases as what is being implied by some quarters. The basing of US troops in Mindanao is proof of how the VFA’s broad provisions are being abused by the US,” Bayan said.

The MLSA, meanwhile, has allowed US forces to use civilian and military facilities such as Subic and Clark, the group said. Bayan noted that the two agreements provide for the virtual basing of US troops sans any treaty ratified by the Senate. “The Philippine government has willingly allowed this subversion of our sovereignty in exchange for so-called US military aid,” the group said. For Makabayan coalition, “it is one thing for the almost perpetual hosting of US troops and military exercises under the VFA and quite another thing for the outright permanent basing of US troops, ships and armaments, which includes their nuclear arsenal.” “Even the Philippine Constitution clearly disallows that,” Ocampo said.

US Interests

“By maintaining its presence in the Philippines, the US military continues to use the Philippines as a jumping board and base for the forward deployment of their units in order to intervene militarily in the Asia-Pacific region. The US continues to use the Philippines as a foil against the economic and military expansionism of China which the US regards as one of the biggest threats to US imperialist ultra-national interests,” pointed out the CPP.

The CPP claimed that the US forces also engage in counterinsurgency operations, directly and through the Armed Forces of the Philippines. “They act in accordance with the US Counterinsurgency Guide and seek to put an end to the Filipino’s resistance against US economic, political and military dominance in the Philippines.”

“The Filipino people should oppose the collaboration of the US government and Aquino regime to heighten US military presence in the country,” added the CPP. “We must rekindle the spirit of patriotism in order to assert national sovereignty and confront the issue of US military interventionism and economic and political dominance.” (https://www.bulatlat.com)

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  1. How much of a Navy do we have, 2 very old ships and fishing boats. The bases are Philippe territory and always has been. Since the early 80,s when the American flag was lowered, I know first had as I seen it and thought nothing about it. I always new it was Philippine property and that the U.S. paid rent for use of the facilities. What a Great losses of money not only for the Philippe goverment but also the local phony who worked on or off base. The U.S.spent millions of dollars just to keep the base running. And now what do we have, just are PRIDE. Maybe it will become a Chinese base?

  2. Ang bobo naman ng mga CPP. d nila cgru alam na ang US ay ang may pinakamalakas na Navy at Air Force.

  3. We are aware that satur is being used by China to hamper the growth of this resource rich but badly corrupt and chinese controlled government of our republic.This is part of his MAOIST dream philippines.Businesses are owned by the so called big 5’s or 6’s or whoever those chinese are.You know these guys.Men! we are already occupied by the chinese for so long.Can’t you people see the fact how they treat us!Satur Ocampo is the arm of the communist doing every thing he can to at least delay the symbolic patriotism of the FILIPINOS to stand with the US against these Godless communist abusers.Sana magkaisa na tayong lahat na mga filipinos.Iwasan na natin ang daldal na mga komunistang walang ibang hinangd kundi magpagamit.Let us enjoy our freedom under our proud PHILIPPINE flag not just on our soil but across the west and the south philippine seas.(Spratleys and Sabah)

  4. bakit ba ang init ng dugo nio sa gustong tumulong sainio. tinutulungan na nga tau, pumapalag pa kayo, tanggapin na lng natin ang katotohanan n hindi natin kaya ipagtanggol ang bansa natin, kung hindi lng sana kayo mga corrupt mga opisyal ng gobyerno eh malamang hindi na natin kailanganin ang ibang bansa, wag na kaung umasa na tatanggapin ng china ang diplomasyang paraan dahil nakataga na yan sa utak nila na sakanila kuno ang south china sea. baka kaung mga critiko na putak ng putak ay biglang mahulugan ng Missile habang naglalakad, di natin alam kong anu ang plinaplano ng china, dapat alerto kau hndi kampante lng kau. magkaroon naman kau ng malasakit sa bansa nio…. hindi pulitika ang usapin dito, kaligtasan na ng mga pilipino. kung mababasa nio lang sana ang mga artikulong kumakalat sa internet madaming nagsasabi na naghahanda na ang china sa gyera. dahil magandang pagkakataon sakanila 2 dahil nagkakacrisi na sa USA at magandang senyales ito sa china. naiintindihan nio ba mga critiko? i hope walang magalit sakin nagssabi lng ako ng 220.

  5. Benign0’s right, the priorities of our leaders are extremely trivial in nature apparently.

  6. I have no doubt in my mind so ever that the USA ever will want to even be in dock there except for training the phillipines soldiers how to fight other then that they have no interest what so ever on coming back to the philippines !! I think people there are only lieing to get attention.
    My Only hope is that when CHINA decides to come into philippine teritory they have the guts to at least at like an Military unit and not run while scearming for help for the USA.

    No the all cry about the usa but never even say thank you for the millions thta they get from the same

  7. Satur, are you high on drugs? do you want our country to be the North Korea of SE Asia?

  8. the philippines did not boot the americans out,they left ,1-mount pinatupo destroyed there base.2-they moved to Japan to save money.philippines being the worlds most corrupt country in the world,it only take a few bucks to move back there.those bars in angeles city will go wild.the filipino with the big mouth,hide your wife cause here we come.

  9. Let’s all welcome America with open arms!

    Where America locates its bases will be answered more by bigger geopolitical realities than by the sort of “issues” that make Philippine headlines, keep the chattering classes tweeting, and/or occupy the little pointed heads of the average Filipino politician.


  10. in my own opinion, payag ako na maglagay ng deffense forces sa philippines. Kung sakali ba na sakupin ng iba bansa ang pilipinas kaya ba protektahan ng pilipinas ang sariling bansa? without the help of other country? sa tingin ko mas madami pa din pilipino ang gusto pumunta at makapagtrabaho sa USA, ito lang ang sarili ko pananaw. kung may pagkakataon nga lang, papayag din ako magpasakop ulit sa amerika. Ito na tlaga ang reality, di kaya bigyan ng pilipinas ng suporta ang mamamayang pilipino.

  11. Satur, imperialists my ***…your buddies from NK are way worse…

  12. to all the leftist people, let them realize that we have no military capability in defending ourselves in case of a chinese invasion.you keep on talking sovereignity and yet have you addressed the military’s need for new and modern equipments?wala…dal dal lang kayo ng daldal

    1. You say the filipino prople or the senetors who reject the US Bases. Not the filipino prople but the rejecting sentors who are blind and when time comes US forces are needed then what do the senetors say go home GI Joe

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