Aquino maintains RP subjugation with US warship ‘routine maintenance’—LFS (PR)

15 May 2011

For the militant student group League of the Filipino Students (LFS), the visit of President Benigno Simeon Aquino III along with senior members of his Cabinet to the USS Carl Vinson currently docked in Manila Bay is an open declaration that his government, like past regimes, will unconditionally serve US interests, albeit disastrous for the Filipino people.

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In a press statement, LFS national chairperson Terry Ridon said, the shameless act displayed by President Aquino and top officials of his administration is a welcome greeting to US military troops to engage in full scale military activities in Philippine soil, waging a war of aggression against the Filipino people. The USS Carl Vinson is the same ship used to bury Osama bin Laden, it being one of the most heavily armored vessels of the US Navy.

“Aquino and his company of puppets’ visit to the high powered war machine known as USS Carl Vinson should be condemned by freedom loving Filipinos to the highest order. It is a striking affirmation of Aquino’s puppetry to US and his wholesale approval of the White House’s ongoing terrorism through steady military operations waged here by US troops.” the LFS chairperson stressed.

President Aquino and his party composed of foreign affairs secretary Albert del Rosario, defense secretary Voltaire Gazmin, Finance Secretary Cesar Purisima and Armed Forces Chief of Staff were given a special tour of the US Navy aircraft carrier while the ship was still out at sea yesterday. The ship docks today in Manila Bay for a four day routine ‘maintenance’ beginning Sunday.

“If there is anything maintained in their supposed ‘routine maintenance’, it is the subordanition of the Philippines to the US. This raises the same questions asked repeatedly by the Filipino people, what then is our gain with the Visiting Forces Agreement? That we get to see big warships in our shores? That we, without warning, have to face the terror of having a warmachine docked in our motherland?”, said Ridon.

Ridon, a University of the Philippines (UP) graduating law student, said President Aquino even violated the provision of the 1987 reactionary Philippine Constitution that prohibits the entry of nuclear powered military ships in the country.

“USS Carl Vinson is a nuclear powered vessel which is of course designed to carry nuclear arms wherever the US mercenaries wish to go for covert and overt military operations. To set the record straight, Mr. Aquino violated his own constitution in the name of US imperialism. This blatant one-man show of treachery is a ground for impeachment or any other legal and constitutional case against Aquino”
the LFS chair added.


Terry Ridon
National Chairperson

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