The sorry state of education


Polytechnic University of the Philippines, condemned to penury

The Polytechnic University of the Philippines remains as the only hope for children of poor families to pursue higher education. But this dream is slowly fading as the PUP has been struggling with extreme shortages, dilapidated facilities, and the pressure to increase tuition and other fees to survive.

Philippine Normal University, trying to make do with so little

The Philippine Normal University is supposedly another option. But more than this, the state of PNU would definitely impact on the state of basic education in the country. An overwhelming majority of teachers, especially in the public school system are trained at PNU, and the quality of graduates it produces would reflect on the state of the country’s public school system. While the PNU gasps for dear life, so would the whole public school system.

Passion for teaching

Statistics of worsening shortages reveal this unfulfilled promise. But nothing could best show the dimming hopes of poor families for their children to get quality education than a description of two important state universities.

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