Women slam Aquino’s inaction on price hikes

The commemoration of the 101st International Women’s Day is one of the biggest rallies in recent years. Gabriela, the country’s largest women group who spearheaded the protest action, slammed Aquino government for its inaction to put a stop in the overpricing in oil products, increased U.S. military presence in the Philippines and to prioritize the welfare of Filipino (https://www.bulatlat.com)

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  1. Stand out and shout women of the Philippines!

    Aquino opened privatization that led to more price hike, he opened our country for foreign business men that the true intention is no to give jobs but to make more income and profits… we cannot realize this if we only sit and not seek.

  2. Ms. Taylor you have a very broad vocabulary . please let me congratulate you on your comment . But my advice for you is to speak what language you are comfortable with , so that it can be understandable and brings more convenient for the readers . frankly i really can’t appreciate what have you been writing . If you are a filipino you must be a nationalist and fight for your sovereignty and your right for national liberation . I am not an activist but I admire this peoples because if they didn’t do this actions no one will ever noticed that there are some irregularities happening in the country and the economic crisis is still uprising . I hope some day people will respect others as a human beings with social rights and needs. Thank you and god bless us all ^_^

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    This group’s ay hindi sila nararapat makialam sa mga busines nang philippinas. Ang bandila na ito if they understand the meaning of flag sign ! This flag only represent in the country wher it belong , not in the philippines.If they have a problem’s with their gas in America ! That is the president in America pananagutan , not the philippines president, his law make care. They can be arested for theim causing blem’s in philippines ! For only the peoples under theis country of the philippines has the right to ask the president or law make care of their problem’s. They can be charge nan hihimasuk nang bansa . One again this woman group’s from America flag has no right to declear their right in this country of the philippines for the gas price. They have to ask that to the law maker in the united states of america to lower the gas price ! They are the one who is incharge with their peoples need’s , make they peoples law in this country of america. Sincerely write by jasmin Rongcales. Taylor.

  4. mas palakasin pa ang pakikibaka nang kababaihan para sa pagbabago nang ating lipunan, malaki ang papel nang kababaihan sa paglikha ng kasaysan ng ating bayan….

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