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  1. A miracle?
    I was observing the weather map at when I noticed a big typhoon coming to P.I. and also heard news about Papal visit and I said wow this guy is amazing!. Any fake world political leaders would dare to visit P.I. with a big typhoon coming, much riding on a local airline (Philippine Airline).
    Pope Francis visit to this country, manifested a miracle on how faith could transform things. He never let down the faith of the natives inspire of the weather. In the middle of a typhoon, I guess his faith transcend to the Philippine Air pilot for a safe landing, While the pilot of the other aircraft with political passengers almost not made it. But no ones gonna believe it.
    And this thug government so concern about security? Most of the terror are usually conducted by the secret thugs of politicians. Because, most ordinary folks are too busy to be a slave and do not have the the financial means to do terrorism.

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