One Billion Rising 2017 launched in Ph

The One Billion Rising Revolution launch. (Photo by Mon Ramirez)
The One Billion Rising Revolution launch. (Photo by Mon Ramirez)

“Solidarity is to rise as one: against neoliberalism, patriarchy, militarism – and all their allied evils.”


MANILA — The global campaign to end all forms of violence against women and girls is on the roll once again as women from different sectors gathered on Tuesday, Sept. 20 to launch One Billion Rising Revolution 2017 (OBR 2017).

For 2017, women across the globe are rising in solidarity against the exploitation of women.

“This year, One Billion Rising Revolution is giving sharper focus and visibility to the exploitation of women, and to harnessing even stronger global solidarity to demand an end to violence in all forms,” the OBR website read.

Here in the Philippines, women lead by progressive women’s group Gabriela highlights the “need for fundamental socio-economic reforms to address the continuing and worsening violence, poverty and marginalization of Filipino women.”

They expressed support for the ongoing peace talks between the Philippine government and the National Democratic Front of the Philippines (NDFP) to address the root cause of armed conflict and violence inflicted on marginalized women in the Philippines.

Gabriela said including the concerns of poor and marginalized women will have “far-reaching changes at the heart of the peace negotiations.”

“We now raise our call for solidarity to end the exploitation of women and press on the Duterte administration to pursue fundamental economic, political and social policy changes that will truly end violence and poverty and uplift women’s situation,” said Gabriela secretary general Joms Salvador.

“From now towards One Billion Rising in February 14, 2017 women will be rising, dancing, fighting and forming solidarity with other women and men as part of our call for a just and lasting peace,” said Salvador.

The launch was attended by OBR global director Monique Wilson, writer and former political prisoner Sharon Cabusao and NDFP Consultant Loida Magpatoc.

“Solidarity is to rise as one: against neoliberalism, patriarchy, militarism – and all their allied evils; and to fight for our liberation as women, and for the liberation of all oppressed people,” Cabusao said.

The OBR will be in its fifth year in 2017, and Wilson said the campaign has gone beyond fighting the patriarchal system, but also “global capitalist and imperialist systems” that has caused worsening poverty, economic and sexual exploitation, wars, and internal and international displacement.

The campaign was also launched in: Denmark, Hong Kong, Belgium, United Kingdom, Nepal, Mexico, Kosovo, Zimbabwe, Santa Fe, Swaziland, New York City, Hong Kong and Guatemala. Various activities will be held in these cities and countries, until its culminating event on Feb. 14, 2017, when there will be simultaneous “risings” around the globe.

In the Philippines, Gabriela Women’s Party Rep. Emmi De Jesus said they are planning to conduct community-based “town hall” risings where local citizen groups bring Women’s Agenda petitions before legislative councils to demand more and improved services for impoverished women and children.

“On the fifth year of the OBR campaign, Filipino women are in a continuing revolution to attain Filipino women’s aspirations for land reform, the advancement of local industries and the delivery of basic social services, paving the way for social justice and lasting peace,” said De Jesus.

“Women have so much to gain if fundamental reforms in policy and governance will be undertaken by the Duterte administration. We urge our fellow women here and abroad to rise in solidarity with our call for just peace,” Salvador said. (

Video and photo by Mon Ramirez

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