Activists slam hasty burial of Marcos at Libingan

Amid reports that the late dictator Ferdinand Marcos was buried at the Libingan ng mga Bayani at 12 noon of Nov. 18, activists hold a noise barrage to condemn what they called as an insult to the Filipino people.


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  1. At my age of 76 years and failing body, I join the youth and our people today in the continued struggle to fight the Dictator Marcos, who killed and raped thousands of our young men and women. He put behind bars hundred thousands of our people who resisted his tyranny and greed for power. He was a glutton whose greed for stolen money has no bound, keeping US$ 5- $10 Billion for his family. He deceived in his life and continue to deceive our people even in his grave today. Let us join hands and make the 9 Supreme Court Judges pay for their deceptions.

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