#JusticeForKian | Summary killing of Grade 11 student breaks internet


MANILA – The infamous drug-related killing of a Grade 11 student in Caloocan City has broken the internet with grief and uproar.

17-year-old Kian Loyd delos Santos was killed a few days ago, adding to the increasing bloody statistics of President Duterte’s war on drugs. Kian, the police said, fired at the cops, which compelled them to return fire.

Witnesses, however, belied the claims of the cops, saying that the victim was handed a gun, told to fire it and run before Kian was peppered with bullets. A 13-year-old witness even saw Kian pleading to the police while being punched and slapped to stop because he still has an examination the following day. A CCTV footage also revealed a young man being dragged away by cops in plainclothes to the same spot where Kian was found dead.

In their posts, Filipino netizens have expressed their doubts over the same-old “nanlaban” narrative of the police who claimed that the slain Grade 11 student resisted arrest and fired at the cops. They are demanding that justice be served for Kian.

Musician and True Faith frontman Medwin Marfil also shared the same sentiment.

Filipino netizens also decried how Kian’s dream was cut off by the very same people he dreamed of becoming one someday. Kian, they said, could be anyone you know – “your brother, your son, your nephew, your cousin, your grandson, your friend,” one netizen said.

Meanwhile, some Filipino netizens recalled what they were doing at the age of 17.

In a Facebook post, lawyer Maria Sol Taule said she had an opportunity to meet the grieving parents of Kian.

“Do you think my son is a drug addict? He is just starting to grow his mustache. He would bring rice to school and would ask his classmates for viand. When he goes home at night, he would bring me some siomai. He was a very sweet kid,” Kian’s father Saldy was quoted as saying in Saule’s post.


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