Police makes a move to disperse NutriAsia workers’ picket

NutriAsia workers strike
NutriAsia workers’ picket after the police has forcibly torn down their tent. Workers huddle together facing the armed police and at least two firetrucks. (Photo courtesy of LFS-Bulacan State University)

MARILAO, Bulacan — Armed policemen began harassing the workers of NutriAsia currently under strike as of 6 a.m. today. The police removed and took away the workers’ tents that had been shielding the strikers from the pouring rain the past few days. Meanwhile, two firetrucks were positioned by the protest area. By now the workers have been on strike 10 days.

In a bid to defend their picket line, the workers sat and huddled together on the flooded ground in front of the factory inside an industrial park. They hope to maintain the picket and prevent its dispersal.

Youth-students from League of Filipino Students based in Bulacan State University and from the Kabataan Partylist have supported the workers and have been calling for support for the strikers. They report, however, that the police is currently barring the entry of workers’ supporters from other sectors.

As of this writing, four protesters have been “arrested.” The NutriAsia workers continue to call for reinforcements from fellow workers and other supporters such as the students and the media.
Negotiations with the management are reportedly going nowhere. Either it’s not sending representatives to the scheduled talks or it’s continuing to consider the workers’ demands that include regularization on the job of long-time contractuals, an end to unjustifiable dismissal, improved wage, working conditions, and benefits.

NutriAsia is one of the largest if not the largest local food condiment producers. Its product line includes Silver Swan and Datu Puti, Mang Tomas and UFC. (https://www.bulatlat.com)

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