Teachers give Duterte a failing grade

According to a report card made by the Alliance of Concerned Teachers (ACT), Duterte was marked “Failed” with a general average of 70. (Photo by BULATLAT)

“What kind of values does he promote if he is a macho-fascist who promotes machismo, anger, and the degradation of women?”


MANILA — “It’s his third year [in office] and he continues to fail, it will be hard for him to still pass that’s why teachers and the people call on him to stop. End the anti-people policy.”

A day before President Duterte’s third State of the Nation Address, progressive groups rated the different effects of the policies and actions of the president, giving him a failed grade for his performance as the highest-ranking official in the country.

According to a report card made by the Alliance of Concerned Teachers (ACT), Duterte was marked “Failed” with a general average of 70. Subjects assessed were Filipino, Math, Science, Social Studies, Values Education, Technology and Livelihood Education (TLE), and Music, Arts and Physical Education (MAPEH).

Solita Daz, president of the Manila Public School Teachers Association (MPSTA), said Duterte failed Filipino because of his “foul use” of the Filipino language and the priority he gave to other languages such as Korean and Japanese.

Duterte also failed in Math, according to Joselyn Martinez, president of the ACT-National Capital Region Union. Martinez said Duterte, as well as his economic managers, ignored the impacts of the Tax Reform for Acceleration and Inclusion (TRAIN) Law on the Filipino people.

“It’s not true that there is only a little increase in the prices of basic commodities. And there is still no salary increase,” Martinez said.

For his Science subject, High School Teacher Helenette Ramirez gave Duterte a grade of 70 for his failure to provide the appropriate medical assistance and services for teachers. Ramirez said the Magna Carta for public school teachers has not been implemented and they had to turn to loan sharks in times of need.

“…[t]hat’s why we are in debt because there has been no medical assistance being given to us. It’s very pitiful since we are public servants,” Ramirez said.

Duterte also did not pass Social Studies, according to Nestor Reyes of the MPSTA. Reyes said it is because of Duterte’s policy to remove units of history from college, as well as his decision to allow the burial of former President Marcos’ remains at the Libingan ng mga Bayani.

Reyes added that for the subject MAPEH, Duterte also failed because he did nothing but destroy the identity and culture of the Lumad with the continuous attacks to the Lumad communities.

Meanwhile, for the subject, TLE, ACT Chairperson Benjamin Valbuena said Duterte failed because of his “fake modernization policy,” which he enforced on the Filipino people.

“The modernization of jeepneys, which he claimed would help the development [of the country], is not really for the comfort of passengers or for the environment. It entails the destruction of the livelihoods of thousands of drivers. Technology should serve the livelihood of the people,” Valbuena said.

No values

For her part, Quezon City Public School Teachers Association representative, Lucila Dizon, said Duterte has forgotten how to give respect to others. “What kind of values does he promote if he is a macho-fascist who promotes machismo, anger, and the degration of women?”

Daz criticized Duterte’s “foul remarks” towards God, the church and the killing of priests.

For Martinez, Duterte has no humanitarian values because of the thousands who were killed in the guise of the “war on drugs.

“Just this month a four-year-old kid died in Cebu, died because of a buy bust operation and the administration had nothing to say but that it was collateral damage. This is against human rights,” Martinez recalled.

The teachers added that Duterte has no regard for the environment for promoting large-scale mining and illegal logging.

Another value not obtained was Nationalism or love for country because of his submissive attitude toward foreign countries like the United States (US) and China, as well as enforcing different policies that could hinder the Filipino people, ACT said.

“What is included in the [Charter Change] is the giving of rights to foreign investors to own educational institutions. They also said that they will give foreigners the right to practice their profession [in the country],” Valbuena said. (https://www.bulatlat.com)

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