Youth groups slam bomb scare as old tactics to declare martial law

“Desperate for justifications, both Marcos and Duterte have conjured up ‘communists’ and ‘terrorists’ as their scapegoats, hiding the real monster of State terrorism behind the curtain.”


MANILA – Youth groups expressed alarm over the recent bomb threats in universities in Manila just days before the martial law commemoration tomorrow, Sept. 21 at Luneta.

Gabriela Youth said there was a bomb scare at the Mapua University in Intramuros, Manila on Sept. 18. A text message circulated from mobile number +63669755336 that read: “Tinanim ng mga pinag-aaral nilang estudyante ang dalawang explosive matapos ang isinagawamg drill kaninang umaga.
(The two explosives were planted by students they were sponsoring after the drill this morning.)

There was another bomb scare at the University of Sto. Tomas on Sept. 19 which also prompted by another text message purportedly from the NPA using a different number. However, no bomb was found after a police search in the university.

Youth groups denounced what they described as attempts to sow fear among the youth who will join the united people’s action tomorrow, Sept. 21.

“This is horribly familiar. If we remember, bomb threats and bombings in Plaza Miranda and the staged assassination attempt on Juan Ponce Enrile were then blamed on the NPA. It would be later uncovered to be machinations of the military under the command of Ferdinand Marcos,” the group said in a statement. Enrile was a former defense minister during the Marcos regime.

“What are Duterte and his spin army up to? Attempting another Plaza Miranda incident, yet again? Please, try harder,” said Angelica Reyes, Kabataan Partylist deputy secretary general in a statement.

Before the reported bomb threats, President Duterte also implicated the NPA and the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) in connivance with the Liberal Party and the Left for allegedly plotting his ouster.

‘Instilling atmosphere of fear’

Roneo Clamor, Karapatan deputy secretary general said the reported bomb scares are attempts to instill an atmosphere of fear and discourage individuals and organizations from participating in the Sept. 21 protest.

He noted that Lumad students from Mindanao are currently holding their bakwit school at UST. “This is not just a coincidence, but an orchestrated plan to intimidate individuals and organizations. This is an old, dirty tactic,” he said in a statement.

Clamor added that such acts are “strikingly similar” to the events that led to the declaration of martial law in 1972. He said it was stated in the government’s official publication, the Official Gazette, that then “President Ferdinand Marcos had already drawn up a plan to declare nationwide martial law, using a series of bombings in Metro Manila, including the 1971 Plaza Miranda bombing, as justification.”

“The Duterte regime is indeed a self-professed fanboy of the dictator Marcos. Desperate for justifications, both Marcos and Duterte have conjured up ‘communists’ and ‘terrorists’ as their scapegoats, hiding the real monster of State terrorism behind the curtain,” said Clamor.

But amid such threats, Clamor said, there is no stopping the people’s participation in tomorrow’s event to amplify their calls of #NeverAgain and #NeverForget.

”The parallelism between the regime of the dictator Marcos and his “wanna-be fanboy” Duterte is becoming more apparent. Thus, it is incumbent upon us to raise our voices and vehemently register our protest against the imposition of another martial law. Never again to martial law!” Clamor said. He encouraged all people despising Duterte’s tyranny to join the protest tomorrow.

Meanwhile, the CPP Information Bureau denied that the bomb threats came from them and reiterated that the NPA does not engage in such acts.

“The NPA vehemently denies issuing such cowardly threats. The NPA furthermore clarifies that it does not engage in such acts which in any way threaten to harm civilians,” the CPP said in a statement. (

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