We have come to the point where we neither have the right to feel aggrieved nor the right to tell the truth.

Junel Insigne told the media he was no longer sure if the Chinese boat rammed their fishing vessel. This, after President Duterte himself and other government officials downplayed the issue, and after a phalanx of policemen in full battle gear visited his home.

Insigne and his crew could not have just imagined how their boat sank, how they fought to stay afloat shivering and hungry. The Vietnamese who helped our fishermen could not have just imagined the same narrative. Their corroboration of the incident is the strongest and disproves Malacañang’s spin.

Our hearts sank as we watched Insigne “eat his words.” How could he muster the courage to continue speaking the truth against the mighty China when the betrayal came from the country’s highest seat of power?

Our dignity is crushed into pieces as the man who promised to defend our sovereignty is the very first to spit on our territorial integrity.

No, we are not expecting from the President  the boldness and impulsiveness of boyhood. At the very least, we were expecting compassion, which he proves again and again that he is incapable of.

It’s as clear as day that Duterte has sided with China. He and his officials must have benefitted so much from Beijing to justify their behavior.

We, whose rights have been trampled upon, must refuse to be silenced and say, “The Philippines is ours!”

More importantly, the most treacherous must be made to pay.  (

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