Get out into the storm, my friend


Get out into the storm, my friend
and feel the fury of climate change
Look into the clouds,
and see the darkness of worsening greed

Get drenched in the rain,
and feel the coldness of apathy
Wade into the floods,
and hear the gasp of a drowning child!

Get out of your comfort zone, my friend,
perhaps you’ll see dehumanizing poverty
Meet the people displaced,
perhaps you’ll see vulnerability

Touch their gaunt skins,
perhaps you’ll feel the rigors of suffering
And look into their eyes,
perhaps you’ll see injustice glaring!

But then, my friend,

When you see the strike of lightning,
that would be the spark of awakening
When you see the stretch of rain falling,
that would be hope out there pouring

When you see floodwaters coming,
that would be the mass movement rushing
And, when you hear the thunder rolling,
that, my friend, is the people’s fight roaring!


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