ICT advocates launch #VoteReportPH for 2022 national elections


A year before the 2022 national elections, ICT advocates are reactivating its VoteReportPH campaign.

Formed in 2010 through the initiative of the Computer Professionals’ Union, VoteReportPH started as a grassroots-based electoral campaign during the first national automated elections in 2010.

VoteReportPH will focus on voter registration awareness, voter education, and campaign and election monitoring for the coming election season.

In a statement, CPU said that their voters’ education program seeks to orient citizens on the nature of the Philippine elections in the context of electronic voting, as well as monitor and document occurrences of electoral fraud and other problems related to the Automated Election System (AES).

“VoteReportPH campaign aims to inform, organize, and mobilize ICT professionals, students, technologists, scientists, and concerned citizens to push for meaningful reforms in the elections with the aid of new media technology,” the group added.

CPU is inviting fellow ICT organizations as partners and individual collaborators who wish to meaningfully contribute towards promoting the right to vote.

“With many considering the next national elections as a make-or-break scenario for the Philippines, it is thus crucial to make sure that the right to vote is exercised properly and that clean and fair polls have to be observed as best as possible. And with ICT technologies playing a pivotal role with the use of social media and online platforms for information dissemination, and with the elections fully adopting AES, it is only fitting that advocates from the ICT sector take a leading role in helping ensure that the road taken towards the next political era of the country is a proper one.” the group ended.

Interested organizations and individuals may reach CPU via e-mail at votereportph@cp-union.com, or through their social media platforms on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram via @VoteReportPH. Parties who wish to know more about the VoteReportPH can visit the website at votereportph.cp-union.com (https://www.bulatlat.com)

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