To my daughter June and her friends who said I am sorry

Photo from Judy Taguiwalo’s Facebook page.


Sa totoo lang, I expected this result although I was hoping against hope that the millions who worked hard for Leni and Kiko would be able to turn the tide of disinformation, vote buying, red tagging and disenchantment of the poor over the failed administrations after EDSA 1.

But the combination of a campaign of historical distortion, vote buying, a Duterte-appointed COMELEC, red-tagging and relentless attacks on critics and opposition has created an election result that would bring a Marcos back to
Malacanang 50 years after the declaration of martial law.

I thank my daughter and all the young activists who wrote sorry to my generation who suffered under martial law, our generation who resisted and ousted Marcos, for “failing us”.

But no you haven’t failed us or our Inang Bayan. I have seen millions of you engaged in correcting historical distortions, exposing the crimes of the Marcoses, demanding accountability and an end to impunity.

You have not failed us or our Inang Bayan. It is the system, the system of economic, political and cultural patronage that enabled the Marcoses and Dutertes and the Macapagal Arroyos to remain in power in spite of issues of corruption, human rights violations, incompetence and sell-out of our sovereignty.

We might have lost a battle but we must continue our quest and struggle for a nation for our children and your children, a nation where there is economic and social equality and genuine peace based on justice.

We transform our rage over what is happening to a force for justice and accountability. We must continue to organize and educate ourselves and continue to reach out to the majority of our people. This election is not the end all and be all of our struggle for our country and our people.

Remember , walang forever sa tiraniya!

Makibaka! Tuloy ang Laban. (

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