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Hiding the Truth, The Arroyo government is claiming credit for purportedly shielding the economy from the world economic crisis. But its claims are so far from the truth. The people are already feeling the crunch and even the statistics of the government point to a downward spin in the economy. (By Flon Faurillo)

Foreign Imposition. The US government and other foreign powers such as the European Union and Japan have been pushing for the rewriting of the 1987 Philippine Constitution. They are after the removal of provisions that protect the country’s patrimony to allow them to exploit further our resources.

(By Flon Faurillo)

Derailing the Cha-Cha Train. After the railroading of House Resolution 1109, the charter change (cha-cha) train is now on track, and President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo must be jumping with joy at the idea that there is now no obstacle to her staying in power beyond 2010. Arroyo, however, should not be too sure of victory: she and her minions may have put one over the opposition in Congress but she cannot underestimate the power of an enraged public, which may yet derail the Cha-cha train. (By Flon Faurillo)

Who Will Shoot the Ball? Reps. Mikey Arroyo, Luis Villafuerte, and Prospero Nograles are passing the Charter change ball around among each other as each avoids taking the flak for pushing the much-opposed move. They dilly-dally on the measure, while conscious that what is important for them is to be able to shoot the ball before the 2010 presidential elections.
(By Flon Faurillo/

Rape of Philippine Sovereignty. The recent surfacing of a Filipino who claimed she was raped by a US Marine, so soon after the overturning of Lance Corporal Daniel Smith’s conviction by the Court of Appeals, shows that for so long as the Visiting Forces Agreement (VFA) is in force and the Balikatan military exercises are being held, there will be more victims of rape and other forms of sexual aggression by US soldiers. (By Flon Faurillo/