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Marking the first year since the death of Gregan Cardeño, a Filipino who died inside Camp Ranao in Marawi City while working as an interpreter for the US troops, various groups held a memorial rally on Wednesday to demand justice and to hold those behind the incident accountable. (Photo courtesy of Patriotiko Mindanao / bulatlat.com)

Cardeno’s unexplained death while working for the US troops in February and the death of the Philippine Army officer a month later have renewed calls among militant groups to junk the Visiting Forces Agreement (VFA) between the US and the Philippines.

Various progressive groups led by Bagong Alyansang Makabayan on Friday staged a torch march in Davao City to demand justice for Gregan Cardeño, a Filipino interpreter who was found dead inside US troops’ barracks in Marawi City. The group also demanded for the immediate pull-out of the US troops in the country.

By Dateline Philippines MANILA, Philippines – The Supreme Court (SC) has granted the petition for writs of amparo and habeas data filed by the family of Gregan Cardeño, a translator for American forces in Mindanao, who was found dead last February 2 inside his room at the Joint Special Operation Task Force (JSOTFP) military headquarters…

“Fight for genuine independence!” This is the call of the various progressive groups as they marched to US Embassy in commemoration of the 112th declaration of Philippine Independence Saturday, denouncing US imperialism and the US-led war against terrorism.

By CAROL PAGADUAN-ARAULLO Streetwise/Business World Posted by Bulatlat.com The story could have come right out of an American-made suspense thriller with the mysterious death of a nondescript fellow followed by a suspicious cover-up by government officials and the murder of a likely whistleblower. It has the makings of a classic whodunit except that this time…

On Jan. 30, Gregan Cardeño went home happy that he had finally found a job. He had just signed a contract with a security agency that posted him as an interpreter for the American troops in Cotabato City. He ended up in Marawi where, inside a US barracks, he supposedly hanged himself. His family, however, is convinced that he had been murdered, probably even abused.