Peace and Opposition

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“Peace” is an abstracted word in our society. Perhaps much of this is because “peace time” refers to that point in history when U.S. forces occupied our country. On the outside, the situation then seemed to be quiet (tahimik) as business went on as usual. In reality, the fiercest battles for liberation were fought during those years, repressive measures were enforced, and systematic deception campaigns were instituted.

Resistance to the invaders was quelled using the most brutal of tactics and those who opposed were arrested and jailed. Filipino revolutionaries were branded as bandidos (bandits) or ladrones (thieves), while unarmed oppositionists were trouble makers (nanggugulo). The message sent was, “peace” means silence.

Fortunately, this wrong concept of “peace” is now changing. The GMA administration harasses those who oppose her policies with physical extermination and arrests. This is the cause of a lot of noise. GMA was silent for 22 days before admitting that the voice in the controversial tape was hers. The “noise” from the people pressured her to say “I am sorry.”

But GMA apologists insist on stretching the regressive concept that “peace means silence;” as they propagate the attitude of, “Patawarin na, para wala nang gulo.” (Forgive, so that there will be no more trouble.) Subliminally, this means, “That’s it! Let’s get back to business as usual.”

Unfortunately for them, things have changed. Opposition remains noisy as ever; righteously too, as the issue is not about humility and forgiveness. In fact, it is not really just about fraud. It is why people did not vote for GMA– because they chose to elect “hope” to deliver them from inequality, hunger, poverty, and repression.

The “noise” from the people that we hear now is a vote for peace. Peace time is when each and every individual has the opportunity to live decently and in dignity, is given a fair share of nature’s bounty and becomes a beneficiary of development and technology. Peace is not the absence of opposition. At this point in our history, opposition means fighting for peace time.

Julie L. Po
Secretary General
Concerned Artists of the Philippines
#39 Sct. Bayoran, QC Tel 927-9260

July 3, 2005

Posted by Bulatlat

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