No Hope for Justice, Sanchez Widow Says

BY Rod Tajon
Northern Dispatch

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SAN FERNANDO CITY — Nine months after the death of journalist and activist Romy Sanchez, the chance of attaining justice remains nil.

According to Elvira Sanchez, Sanchez’s wife and convenor of the Justice for Romy Sanchez Movement (JRSM), there is no hope under the present justice system in attaining justice for Sanchez who was murdered on March 9 in Baguio City.

In an interview, Sanchez reiterated there have been no developments in the case since then.

“There is a (PNP) task force for Romy but until now, we haven’t heard of any updates from the group,” she said. Sanchez’ case was also filed at the Board of Claims but to no avail since they filed the case.

The Sanchez family is still trying to find ways to cope after the killing. “We are still managing to survive despite what happened. However, since our country is undergoing the worst economic and political crisis, we, too, are having a hard time coping with our needs,” she added.

Meanwhile, JRSM through Sanchez, also condemned and demanded justice for the political killings of Jose “Pepe” Manegdeg and Albert Terredaño. Sanchez said the killings only show how “fascist” the present administration is. “Gloria Arroyo’s government is indeed imposing state terrorism. We should continue our struggle to oust GMA to end the escalating number of political killings,” she said.

As for justice for the victims of state terrorism, “We cannot expect justice to prevail in our present justice system; however, we shall carry on with our fight until we attain justice not only for my husband, but for all victims of state terrorism,” she said. Northern Dispatch/Posted by

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