Transfer Ka Bel to a Hospital outside Camp Crame, Doctors Recommend to Court

PNP Hospital found wanting

Still to be answered by the DOJ is the issue of whether the PNP-General Hospital (GH) is indeed capable of delivering the advanced medical services and facilities needed by Beltran.

“Aside from accused’s bare allegations that Camp Crame Hosptial has no adequate facilities or doctors to attend to his medical needs, there is no other independent evidence to show that indeed said hospital is not properly equipped to attend to the serious illness of the accused,” Velasco added.

The only standing assessment of the PNP-GH’s capability is the one issued by the HAHR examining physicians, which assesses its’ current facilities as inadequate for treatment and monitoring of Beltran’s ailments.

“We have visited and inspected the facilities of the PNP General Hospital where Beltran is presently confined. We found such facilities and laboratory inadequate for the kind of ailment the patient is suffering from,” the HAHR doctors said.

Meanwhile, Judge Aldecoa-Delorino has given the DOJ prosecution team until April 12 to submit their Comments on the Motion to Release.

Judge Aldecoa-Delorino also ordered the DOJ and the PNP, through the PNP General Hospital’s Director of Health Services r. Supt. Federico Dama, to comment on the medical findings presented by Beltran’s lawyers.

After this, the judge is expected to finally decide on whether or not to grant the Motion to Release Beltran or have him transferred to a hospital with adequate facilities. (

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