Arroyo Cheating in Grabbing Credit for Lower Text Messaging – Consumer Group

Posted 4:38 p.m., July 29, 2008

Consumer group TXTPower is not at all happy about the 50-percent cost reduction of text messaging.

In her State of the Nation Address yesterday, Mrs. Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo announced that telecommunication companies have heeded her call to reduce the price of text messaging.

The TXTPower called this cheating. In a statement, TXTPower President Anthony Ian Cruz, said, “The truth is, text messages may already cost less than 50 centavos. The forward march of mobile technology and the gigantic profit rates for the past years have lowered the cost of sending text messages to very low levels, far lower than P0.50.”

He further said that the lowering of price supposedly upon the request of Mrs. Arroyo, is ‘obviously arbitrary and does not reflect the real cost of texting.’

In reaction to telecommunication companies’ statement that the reduction is but temporary and part of promotions, Kim Gargar, convenor of TXTPower, said that the P0.50 rate should be even made permanent. He said, “It will still provide a relief for texting Filipinos.Otherwise, this is just one of the President’s survival tactics, and does not prove any sincerity in helping the poor.”

According to the group, given the “promo pricing” offered by telecommunication companies Smart, Globe and Sun, the real price of texting may be 100 text messages for just P1.00 and may even be cheaper if VAT and inter-connection charges are removed. (

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