Long Live our Sun – Chairman Mao, Long Live Mao Zedong Thought

Author: the World (translated by Pao-yu Ching)

July 14, 2008

I never met you in person,
Yet your smile is deeply engraved in my mind.
I never heard your voice in person,
Only my heart swells with excitement listening to your speech.
At the time of your passing I could not understand why my parents shed so many tears.
When once again revolutionary songs were heard all over China,
I understood the meaning of wisdom and greatness.
They have tried to erase your influence, yet your thought is forever lasting.
In the dark and filthy water your greatness shines through with brilliance.

I don’t want to sing your praise repeatedly.
All of that even your opponents dare not to deny.
I only want to find out your mistakes,
So to lighten the burden of longing for people who love you.
But that is very difficult to do.
Should I be disappointed or be glad?
Because all the “mistakes” you made proved to be not mistakes at all.
Those who blame you have repeatedly proved you were right all along.
Your worries have become reality.
Your warnings will wake up those confused.
You did not want to be worshipped as a hero,
Yet your thought will forever guide your followers.

It has been thirty years but you have never gone far,
And forever you are the nightmare of those who hate you.
They denounce you a thousand, ten thousand times,
But they never have the courage to look into your eyes.
It has been thirty years since you lived here among the people,
and bring the best luck to those who love you.
People do not need to talk about you everyday,
But can feel your warmth every minute.
When I use “you” to address you,
I don’t feel I am being impolite.
You are the leader of us common people.
You are the same as I or any other common folk

Thus, you become a barrier
Standing before those traitors like the Great Wall they cannot walk pass.
Thus, you become a sharp sword
In the hands of believers as a guarantee to defeat the enemy.
Some people secretly assessing their “accomplishment”
are in despair when the scale refuses to tilt the balance in their favor.
Some who are worried about the future of our nation
can see the light in the darkness of nights.
Some sigh and wonder why it is so difficult to turn China into the second Soviet Union?
Some are proud that we will win the fight to defend socialism!
Despair and confidence form the unity of the opposites.
Hatred and love are so clearly divided.
All of these are because of you,
The son of Chinese peasants,
The hero of a nation in the East!

I had no luck to know you in person, but I can talk to you long through the nights.
We are in two worlds but are connected in spirit.
I want to tell you quietly:
Mao Zedong, my teacher, your thought is going
to accompany me the rest of my life.

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