Workers in Undergarment Factory Demand Wage Hike, Benefits


Dela Cruz denounced the management’s insincerity in efforts to resolve the labor dispute. She said that the management did not face them earlier that day for the continuation of the negotiations.

She said that the management did not want them to hold the rally in Makati.
Ayaw nitong makita ng mamamayan at ng international community ang totoong kalagayan ng mga manggagawa sa Triumph–busabos sa sahod at benepisyo.” (The company did not want the people and the international community to see the real conditions of the workers of Triumph – deprived of just wages and benefits.)

If the management would continue to ignore their demands, dela Cruz said that they will be compelled to take higher forms of action, including work stoppage and strike.

Meanwhile, Nitz Gonzaga, vice chairperson for women of Kilusang Mayo Uno (May First Movement), praised the women workers’ courage and determination. Gonzaga attended the protest action to express solidarity with the workers of Triumph.

She said that women bear the brunt of the economic crisis. “Ang lalakas ng boses dahil tagos sa sikmura ang ipinaglalaban nila. Sila ang nagbabadyet sa pangangailangan ng pamilya.” (Their voices can be heard loudly because they are fighting for gut issues. They are the ones who budget for the needs of their families.)

Amid the global crisis, Gonzaga said women workers must be more assertive of their rights. (Bulatlat)

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