From Dubai to Manila, an OFW’s Harrowing Tale of Abuse and Betrayal

Randy said that his sister needs justice for the maltreatment that she experienced. He added that they would press charges against the agency and the employers. “Maricar’s case is very common,” said Randy, adding that the belittling of the Filipino migrant workers in their receiving countries is a result of the absence of initiatives from the government to protect the rights of Filipino workers.

“The framework of development of the Arroyo regime is dependent on the export of labor instead of generating local jobs that pay well,” Randy said. He said that while the Arroyo regime is milking the OFWs for economic growth, it does not provide them with the assistance they needed.

Making up for lost time

Evangelista went home to the country last May 18, 2009. She regretted the fact that she got herself into this situation. “My husband believed the rumors that the agency spread and now, I’d be the only one responsible for making a living for my children,” Evangelista said. “The agency is responsible for tearing my family apart.”

Evangelista said her two daughters are living with her while her two sons are still living with her in-laws. She said her children always asked about their father. “I feel sorry for my children because they are still very young, especially now that our family has been torn apart,” she added.

“I really want to file charges against the agency,” Evangelista told Bulatlat.

Evangelista said Randy is helping her find work that would keep her thoughts away from her problems. Aside from that, she also wishes to live with all her four children, to try to make up for the lost time when she was still in Dubai. But she would have to play the part of both mother and father.

“There will come a time,” she said, “when I will be able to get all my children.”(

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