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If the AFP general headquarters mean to dangle Lt. Gadian’s retirement pay as bait for her to surface, it would seem that is now the least of her concerns. Staying alive and keeping her kids safe is her priority until she can be given a chance to give her testimony and blow the lid off the endemic corruption in the military.

The Navy spokesperson says the AFP has issued the surrender deadline because it “can no longer allow itself to be dragged in an unfounded controversy”. In the same breath, he declares, “There has to be an investigation as to who misused the funds and who caused it so that there will be determination of guilt, rectification and correction of certain policies.”

Perhaps the AFP needs reminding that an investigation is probably what Lt. Gadian wanted in the first place. The immediate denial of wrongdoing by AFP spokespersons and bully tactics against Lt. Gadian together with the initial hemming and hawing exhibited by Malacañang only underscore the point that any investigation to be believed will have to be undertaken by a completely independent and trustworthy body. Certainly not by members of The Old Boys Club in Camp Aguinaldo nor the militarized defense department that has been reduced to a mere civilian appendage of the AFP.

Lt. Gadian appears to be no push-over. She knows through the bitter experience of the Pestaño family that her neck is now on the line. She also knows that the AFP and Malacanañg are doing everything they can, by fair means or foul, to prevent the public from concluding that the only “good” coming out of the RP-US military exercises sanctioned by the Visiting Forces Agreement is that the corrupt generals get to have another fat milking cow to gorge on.

She deserves our wholehearted sympathy and support. (Posted by(

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  1. im wondering why most of the afp whisltebloweres belongs to the Navy…and many death in encounters like the chop2 soldiers also from the marines under the navy…with highlighted libing pa sa mga patay nila

    what have they really done in the field like those in the army that lead them to be like that???

    hmmmm, am jz really wndering…dami sa army mas significant acomplishments…mga hirap na dinaanan pero la man mga ganyan…tsaka bakit pala single mother yan c gadian??? i thought bawal yan sa afp…

    hope pananindigan nya ginawa nya…i have some doubts on her but shes kinda brave in fairness…

  2. Wala nmn magyayari jan sa imbestigasyon na yan kahit pa hawak nya ang mga grounds nung whistleblower na yan,alam ntin lahat na wla magyayari jan whitewash yan,malacanang pa papabayaan ba nya ang mga utak na pulpurang mga heneral nya na nagpapanitili sa kanya s poder natural hindi,pro bilib ako sa tapang ng babae nayan ha,alam nya nmn ang magyayari sa knya pero ginawa padin na luminya sa tamang daan,saludo kami sau dito,alam ko alam mo din at alam ng mga mamamayan sa bansa ntin ang pede magyari at alam ntin kung mapupunta ang pangyayari na yan,naway patnubayan ka ni God's tenyente,

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