20 OFWs Being Abused by Employer in Saudi Arabia, Many Treated as Sex Slave

“I told him that we already know that he attempted to rape Aliyah and when he failed to do so, he sent her home,” Martinez said.

After his conversation with Khalid, Martinez said they received a call from Migrante’s Middle East coordinator, John Monterona, who informed them about an ongoing rescue operation. Around 7 p.m. Migrante received confirmation that only two of the women were rescued, including Aliyah’s sister and another Filipino woman. “We are sad that others were left,” Martinez said.

Martinez criticized the Philippine embassy in Saudi Arabia for not doing enough to rescue the women. “The only thing that the embassy did was to call for assistance from the local police there,” Martinez said, adding that if Migrante did not call and send an email to the Philippine embassy, embassy officials would not have acted on the case.

(Photo by Janess Ann J. Ellao / bulatlat.com)

Aliyah said four rape complaints had been filed against Abu Khalid in June. “This means that they already had an idea about what was happening. But I do not understand why the government is not doing anything. They are very slow in responding to our needs. I am thankful that we were able to contact Migrante Middle East who helped us rescue the women in Abu Khalid’s office.”

Martinez said they are still waiting for the results of the medico-legal examination on the two women who were recently rescued.

Martinez added that they are asking the embassy in Saudi Arabia not to deport the victims, explaining that, based on Migrante’s experience, ‘once the victim is deported, the case filed against the suspect becomes weaker.”

Aliyah said the Arroyo administration should make sure that the OFWs welfare and safety are a priority. “We are saving the economy of the Philippines. I think that it is but right that they, too, save us from any cruelty that we face abroad,” she said.

She advised Filipinos who are planning to work abroad to make sure that they understand the contract they are being asked to sign and know the contact details of both the embassy and Migrante because, according to her, they can never be sure about their safety once they are out of the country.

Martinez urged President Arroyo “to put on hold its intensifying labor exportation program. The biggest number of OFWs leaving the country is domestic helpers and their main destination is Saudi Arabia, a country that doesn’t even recognize the right of domestic helpers to have a day off.” (Bulatlat.com)

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  1. It seem's to me that the government there treats it's migrant workers as a comodity..They are treated as cattle and have no rights at all…even dogs have rights and to allow your own people to be raped and mistreated is a great sin..the only way that will change is when the people of the Philippines overthrow the corrupt government there..that has for years treated the poor and middle class like they are their for their benfit instead of serving the people and protecting their rights as human beings…maybe if those in power had their daughters raped or wives they would get off their asses and put a stop to it…this maybe strong but i have noticed in life that most in power don't care about the little people and their plights till one of their own indure something horrible and then it hits home…I will pass this story on to as many friends that will listen …cheers and i pray that thos held against their wills will be coming home soon…and that sick bastard dies a horrible death..

  2. sa mga kababaihan na may pamilya..wag na kayo mag work sa middle east as DH kasi delikado talaga ang mga babae dun….wala kayo maaasahan tulong sa embassy…magtiis nalang kayo sa hirap ng buhay sa atin kasama mo naman ang mga pamilya mo..kaysa magdusa ka duon sa mga kamay ng arabo at kawawa naman ang mga naiwan mo sa pinas…

  3. E talaga namang lampa (as in disabled to the max) ang Philippine Embassy sa Saudi Arabia. Kahit magtanong kayo sa sino mang OFW na nasa Saudi ngayon. Isa lang siguro ang maisasagot nila na talagang inutil ang mga nasa Embassy! Di ba tulog lang at magpalaki ng bayag ang ginagawa nila? Subukan nyo pumunta sa Embassy kung di kayo naniniwala.

  4. The root causes is all about poverty, we Filipinos trying to find our luck by going Gulf Country eventhough we know this is somehow risk for us esp.maid. But however the gov't should look after the safety and welfare for the OFW through bilateral procedures and dont just sustaining corruption for thier own interest….

  5. You should ban maids to Saudi Arabia, period. This place is bad for general laborers and hell for maids, why can't the Philippines or the world for that matter know about this, or are they ignoring it for the oil?

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