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  1. I agree, Pinoys are becoming "bastos" inhospitable to people who have been nice to them. The US should divert her aids or other businesses to other countries instead. These Pinoy nationalist hypocrites

    are only good for nothing. How do you feel if the Americans will treat all Pinoys coming to the US a snob and be treated as monkeys?

  2. The display of anti-Goodwill Visit is very sad to see. And the display of anti-American is rabid. The words Filipinos and hospitality have been spoken in one breath for so long that one word conjures the other. Alas, just like the long forgotten phrase, "Pearl of the Orient," Filipinos are now being depicted as "Bastos sa manga visita!" Americans tourists should boycott the Philippines altogether and go to Viet Nam where hospitality and civility is in abundance.

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