US Troops in Philippines: America Pursues Expansionism, Protects Economic Interests

Gadian pointed out that the seven-year presence of US troops in Mindanao has not solved the “insurgency” and “terrorist” problems in the area.

“There has been no end to it because they don’t want to end it,” she said. “So many soldiers have died there, who didn’t have to die if only there was resolve to end the problem.”

Technology-wise, Gadian said, Filipino soldiers learned to use “small pieces of equipment such as sophisticated guns, which the armed forces does not have and does not acquire,” as well as night-vision goggles. Another technological “benefit,” she said, is the opportunity to ride high-powered aircraft. “Filipino soldiers used to only see these in the movies, but now, they get to ride these,” she said.

The government has pointed to the infrastructure projects and medical and dental missions conducted by US troops as benefits from their presence here. For Gadian, however, there is not very much in these to be thankful for. “The government can provide these if only it is serious enough in giving services to the people,” she said. “We don’t need the Americans to do these things.”

Gadian said the VFA should be abrogated. “Since it has always been used as a justification for US troops’ presence in the Philippines, the VFA should be junked so there would be no more justification for their stay,” she said. (

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