Filipino Dies in US Army Camp in Marawi: Officials Rule Suicide; Kin Insist Murder

Indayla added that the photos taken by SPO3 Rangiris show Gregan wearing a green shirt and a denim pants, with his underwear partially shown. When the relatives saw Gregan’s body at the funeral home, he was not wearing a shirt and wore only a pair of camouflage cargo shorts.


Indayla said Col. Felix Castro, deputy brigade commander of the 103rd Brigade, told the mission delegates that he never knew Gregan prior to his death. The officer also said he did not know all the activities of the American troops.

On the other hand, Kay, the team leader of the US forces in Marawi, told the mission that they worked in close coordination with their Filipino counterparts. Kay also told the mission that SkyLink should be the one to answer all questions related to Gregan’s death.

Indayla said that even members of the CHR in Iligan were denied access to the camp. “They [CHR] told us that because the US troops, the military and the police refuse to cooperate with their investigation, they could not come up with a conclusion.”


Sensing foul play, the family requested the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) in Zamboanga City to do an autopsy on Gregan’s body. The result was released March 4.

The autopsy report indicates puncture wounds on Gregan’s right foot, on the left inner part of the leg and on the upper right arm.

Indayla, however, said that the autopsy did not indicate many other things, including Gregan’s enlarged scrotum, the enlarged opening of his anus and injuries on his head.

“They [US soldiers] made him a pet,” Grace said. “They probably played with him.”

Lovella de Castro, Karapatan’s secretary-general who also joined the mission, said they have every reason to believe that Gregan is a victim of a heinous crime.


De Castro said they have already requested the CHR national office to conduct another autopsy on Gregan. The family will also file a complaint before the CHR tomorrow, March 11.

“We call on our government to give attention to this incident, as this involves the death of a Filipino under the employ of US forces, inside the barracks of the foreign troops and within a Philippine military camp,” de Castro said.

De Castro said they would also file appropriate charges against the police and military for “obstruction of justice.”

Indayla said they will ask for the Philippine Congress and Senate to conduct an independent investigations into the incident. “We should have access to the US barracks inside the Philippine territory,” Indayla said.

“Given this new incident, the Visiting Forces Agreement (VFA) must be reviewed all the more,” Indayla added.

Since 2002, the US government has sent in its troops to supposedly train Filipino soldiers in counter-terrorism. Since then, they have made their presence felt not just in Basilan and Sulu but in several areas as well in Mindanao and Luzon. (

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  1. It is a shame to read such comments. I can see why no one from Korea wants to visit the philippines anymore. There are basic questions to be asked. What would the US gain if they killed him? Surely as it is not money. The US spends more money hunting the bomb making foreigners and kidnappers which the corrupt philippine government care nothing about. A foreigner cannot travel safely through most of the philippines anymore. I think the US should not waste anymore money on a country that obviously has shown no progress since 1940's. Let them deal with their own problems – over population – soon americans will be blamed for creating more babies than the philippines can afford too. Americans are probably responsible for the Ampatuan Masacre if the logic in this forum prevails. What a shame once the Pearl of Asia, now most people can not even speak one of their official languages "English." The US should respond to threats of the VFA by denying any tourist, educational and resident VISA's to the US since the Filipino hates it so much. Have fun in Dubai they treat Filipinos so much better. Ahn Yong!

  2. it is the U.S. policy to use extreme force and covert operations to its known enemies and even supposedly allies, even to its own citizens in the name of war against terror.
    what happened to Gregan Cardeño will be another statistics to the increasing crimes against the people of the world.
    If Gregan Cardeño quit because he was used in the covert operations of the US force and cannot take the barbarity of the foreign forces against his kababayan, US forces will never permit anybody that will be a threat to secrecy of their operations…
    the only recourse for the US intelligence personnel is to silence Cardeño..

  3. Will reprint this in facebook.

  4. I was reacting to the statement of Kawagib Secretary-General, Indayla :“Given this new incident, the Visiting Forces Agreement (VFA) must be reviewed all the more,”. This VFA, death of a filipino inside the american base, raping of a filipina by an american without any legal and security impediment from us filipinos, is this not american invasion? Our whorsipping dependency behavior towards the americans and the protective reaction of our brother filipino soldiers towards americans being resisted by brother filipinos- is this not invasion? Is this not invasion the extent of penetration is even deeper than in the 1900s? What is the percentage of filipino critical mass population worship things american versus percentage of filipino critical mass population resist american control of our destiny? The americans left subic and clark because of pinatubo, not because of senate. They have established a deep beachhead thru VFA, computer and education programs in Mindanao and a USAID funded air and sea landing facilities in General Santos. Who resisted them? Who is resisting them now?

    What we need is not legal actions which have never worked for decades, not political actions which have never worked except lip service, what we need is the recovery of our national developmental code which was still intact in the 1900s. We were willing then to offer 500,000 to 900,000 of our lives in defending our nation against american invasion. This national developmental code which is composed of psychological, sociological, biological, political, and defense system functioning cohesively based on a unified national identity and national aspiration to preserve that independence as a product of our birth as a nation after we became independent from Spain. This was the code which influenced our behavior and development towards maturation. This was corrupted by that american complex process of invasion at all levels. This is what we should all be aware of and start a program of reversing this social disease process. There is science to this process.

  5. @ jose miguel,

    This is no longer the 20th century. It will be a huge embarrassment for the US to occupy our archipelago, given that they did it before and that there's no valid reason to do so.

    It's not like we're an Iraq and even with Iraq, Idiot Heir George Bush the junior had to concoct lies as to supposed presence of WMD and Husein being linked to Al Qaeda so as to get his people's support for the invasion.

    All the Philippine has to do is assert her sovereignty and we'll free of neo-imperialist Uncle Sam.

  6. Why should VFA be reviewed? Can we do anything if the americans insists on occupying our territory?

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