AFP, PNP and DOJ Should Stop Evading CHR Investigation

Press Statement
April 12, 2010

The Armed Forces of the Philippines, the Philippine National Police and the Department of Justice should stop evading CHR investigation because the truth will always find its way to surface. FREE THE 43 HEALTH WORKERS NOW! ALLIANCE scored the state troops’ irregularities and insincerity in taking responsibility of the Morong 43.

The rights commission today is set to hear and argue positions of parties involved like the refusal of the AFP to submit itself to investigation, DOJ state prosecutor Romeo Senson and Judge Advocate General Office (JAGO) questioning the mandate of the rights body.

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Dr. Julie Caguiat, the alliance’s spokesperson said that these three government institutions have been colluding together to criminalize the detained health workers. From the combined operation of the AFP and the PNP that conducted the illegal raid of the health training to the DOJ’s facilitation of the defective inquest procedure, and now the recommendation of the 5 coerced detainees as state witnesses.

It is unfortunate and appalling that this “bureaucratic gang” instead of working for the benefit of the people, attack those who work in the communities and provide services which the government fails to give, Dr. Caguiat added.

The group maintains that the arrest and detention at the very start was illegal and that serious human rights violations were committed against the 43 detainees.

Dr. Caguiat also said, “we expect that the AFP delivers the 43 today or otherwise, they should be cited for contempt.”

Along with the earlier filed affidavits of the Morong 43, the relatives is also set to file today additional complaints and information on the violations against their visiting rights, various forms of harassment.

Moreover, lawyers, doctors and other NGOs will also file their own consolidated reports to the CHR of how Camp Capinpin officers have many times blocked their access to the detainees.

Reference: Dr. Julie Caguiat
Spokesperson, Free the 43 Health Workers Now!

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