Sison: Noynoy Is Now the New Puppet of US Imperialism

Is it not good for the revolutionary movement that Aquino becomes president so that it would have a clear target for arousing, organizing and mobilizing the masses along the line of fighting for national liberation and democracy? In the previous interview, you indicated what are the policies that Aquino would pursue against the Filipino people. Will you explain further?

JMS: I presume that in the first place the revolutionary movement would like to see a president of the rotten ruling system who is amenable to holding serious negotiations and making agreements on basic social, economic and political reforms in order to address the roots of the armed conflict and pave the way for a just and lasting peace. But I also presume that if such a president does not emerge, the revolutionary movement is more justified than ever in pursuing the people’s war.

Together with his vice presidential candidate, Noynoy Aquino is known to be the candidate most favored by big foreign and local businessmen because he is most determined to pursue the same US-dictated policies of the Arroyo regime, such as neoliberal globalization and the global war of terror. In concrete terms, neoliberal globalization means allowing the foreign investors to plunder the country and prevent national industrialization and land reform. The global war of terror means allowing US military forces to violate the national sovereignty and territorial integrity of the Philippines.

Noynoy Aquino is surrounded by agents of the US and the Arroyo regime who have been major partners of Arroyo in adopting and implementing policies that are detrimental to the national and democratic rights and interests of the Filipino people and that have plunged the country into a grave crisis of high unemployment, extreme poverty, soaring prices of basic commodities, deteriorating social services, ever widening trade and budgetary deficits and ever mounting tax and debt burden.

Noynoy Aquino would be extremely helpful to the revolutionary movement if he would become president and pursue basically the same US-dictated policies of the Arroyo regime and thus become the target of the people’s opprobrium. Probably, the mass movement that fell short of overthrowing Arroyo would be further outraged and gain enough strength to overthrow the new puppet of US imperialism.

You said Manny Villar has a relatively better program than Noynoy Aquino. At the same time, you pointed out that it has been underplayed. Can you guarantee that if Villar became president, he would fulfill the promises that he makes in his program? Do you incur any liability by saying now that he has a program better than Aquino?

JMS: No, I cannot guarantee whether Villar will fulfill his promises or not. Manny Villar has his own free will and political will. He is responsible for his own motivations and actions.

As a political observer, I can only compare what appear now on paper as the programs of Villar and Aquino. People will respond to Villar accordingly, whether he fulfills his promises or not.

Is it true that Aquino is honest and is not corrupt?

JMS: Noynoy Aquino is honestly a rabid and violent defender of the big comprador-landlord class interests of the Cojuangco-Aquino family. But he is certainly dishonest when he denies the extreme exploitation of the farm workers and peasants in Hacienda Luisita, the swindling done with the use of the stock distribution option and the violence committed by the military and his own security personnel.

People other than me have pointed out the corruption of Kamag-Anak Inc. in which Noynoy has been a co-beneficiary and which supports him now. While his mother was president, he got contracts from government agencies for his security agency. While he was a congressman and senator for so long, he filed only a handful of bills (none becoming a law) and collected huge sums of public money. This is a manifestation of sloth, incompetence and corruption.

Who is more competent and more accomplished? Villar or Aquino?

JMS: In terms of service in the reactionary government, Villar is by far more competent and accomplished. He was active and productive in legislative work and became Speaker of the House and Senate President. Noynoy was a noynoy (no accomplishment) in legislative work. Aquino was also a noynoy in business in comparison to Villar. I need not repeat the rags to riches story.

Who do you think will win the presidential race?

JMS: It is difficult to say. And for the moment I will not dare say. It is still either Aquino or Villar. I have just been informed that money has been flowing heavily to the Aquino side from big foreign and local businessmen for the purpose of stepping up anti-Villar propaganda and buying those who deliver the votes at various levels. Villar does not have a monopoly on money. There is more money from the moneybags in the foreign chambers of commerce and the Makati Business Club.

Whoever becomes president, shall there be peace negotiations between the Government of the Republic of the Philippines and the National Democratic Front of the Philippines?

JMS: Because of the worsening socio-economic and political crisis of the ruling system, I presume that whoever shall be president of the GRP shall seek peace negotiations with the NDFP. It is the lookout of the new president who would overestimate the strength of the state and its coercive apparatuses and underestimate the crisis and the growing strength of the revolutionary movement. But as I pointed out in our interview last week, both Villar and Aquino have already expressed their willingness to negotiate with the NDFP.

Is the NDFP already preparing for the resumption of the peace negotiations? But why is the New People’s Army intensifying its armed offensives?

JMS: The NDFP is already preparing for the resumption of the peace negotiations. Consultations regarding this are going on among the NDFP panelists, consultants, the Philippine-based leading organs of the CPP and NDFP. The NDFP negotiating panel is in frequent touch with the Norwegian government as third party facilitator. As soon as a new president is elected, whoever he is, the NDFP is willing to receive his emissary,

The best explanations of why the NPA is intensifying tactical offensives can be found in the messages of the CPP Central Committee to the CPP rank and file last December 26, 2010 and to the NPA Red commanders and fighters last March 29, 2010. These messages are available in the website

The people’s war is going on precisely because of the escalating oppression and exploitation of the Filipino people by the US and the local exploiting classes. The revolutionary forces are thus striving to advance from the strategic defensive to the strategic stalemate. (

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  1. Bakit di muna kayo nagbasa? Sinabi na rito kung ano si Villar. Sinabi na rin dito ilang beses kung ano ipinaglalaban nila Sison – interes ng nakararami.

    Noong naging presidente si Aquino, sila ang nagkautang na loob (at iba pang utang) sa mga Pilipino.

  2. Noong naging Presidente si Cory Aquino ay isa sa mga bagay na kanying ginawa ay palayin ang lahat ng political prisoners at isa na doon sina Jose Marie Sison at si Satur Ocampo. Ngayon ano ang kanyang ginagawa – nagpakasarap lang ng kanyang buhay sa ibang bansa habang naghihirap ang kanyang mga kababayan. Maski sinong magiging Pangulo ng Pilipinas ay lagi silang kontra. Maliwanag na puro personal interest ang gusto nila. Bakit hindi na lang umuwi sa Pilipinas at tumulong sa kung sino man ang Pangulo para sa ikabubuti ng bansa. Wala siyang utang na loob!

  3. si villar ay isa din malaking panginoong may lupa, ano ang paninindigan ng NDFP dito

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