News in Pictures: Kin of Disappeared Challenge Noynoy Aquino to Stand Against Impunity and Injustice

The Families of the Disappeared for Justice (Desaparecidos) held a press conference today challenging presumptive president Noynoy Aquino to take the straight path to justice and help surface all the victims of enforced disappearances under the term of Ms. Gloria Macapagal Arroyo.

A month before Noynoy Aquino assumes office, the families of the disappeared urged him to take a stand and fight with the people against injustice and impunity and correct the wrongdoings of the Arroyo regime. “We plead to the incoming Aquino regime to put an end to the human rights violations and enforced disappearances, and prosecute the perpetrators,” said the Mrs. Edith Burgos mother of Jonas Burgos and president of Desaparecidos. (Photos by Anne Marxze D. Umil /

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  1. Without the rule of law any country will be just become a gangster state. Rule of law leads to political stability. Only in a politically stable place will business florish. The Arroyo regime has failed the Filipino people at a fundamental level – and that is to provide the rule of law. The disappeared are the human testament to that.If Aquino wants to achieve real change in the Philippines and send a signal to the world that the Philippines is good place to do business then he must deal with the issue of extra-judicial killings in an open and tranparent way. By doing this he will be making the important statement that the rule of law applies in the Philippines. He will be saying that the rule of law applies impartially to all. More than anything else, in todays world, where transparency and accountability are keystones upon which modern companies are built and business is done, this will create a business environment in which the Philippines will prosper and grow. It is a simple fact. The way forward in the Philippines is application of the rule of law. This will be a test of the new presidency. Will he perpetuate the culture of the gangster state which will lead to the continuing decline of the Philippine nation. Or will he strive for the rule of law (and justice for the families of the disappeared) which will lead to an open and transparent Philippine state where business will have the confidence to florish.

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