Pregnancy in Prison, Two Women Contemplate The Fate of Their Babies and Petition for Freedom

The two share a small detention cell with the rest of the 21 women detainees. There is no ventilation. There is not a single hole on the walls. “We are in a dungeon,” said Dr. Merry Mia-Clamor, one of the women detainees.

The 23 women detainees sleep on three-deck beds. Each bed is so narrow one could fall with the slightest move. When it rains, it floods inside their cell. The bathroom also floods.

“Even if it hurts, I prefer that my baby would not stay with me here,” Carina said, adding that the environment could make her baby ill. Mercy feels the same.

Carina said she has started to accept the painful reality that she might give birth in prison and would, therefore, be separated from her baby after. “If I do not face it, it would only be more difficult for me,” she said.

Julius Garcia Matibag, one of the legal counsels of the Morong 43, said they would file a motion before the court to allow Carina and Mercy to be held under hospital detention due to their condition.

Sympathetic Inmates

Dr. Merry said they have befriended inmates in other cells.

A few days after they were transferred to Camp Bagong Diwa, Dr. Merry said, they held a program and invited the other inmates. The group from Central Luzon where Mercy and Carina belong to reenacted the incident on Feb. 6.
“The inmates were crying. They said they were surprised to know what happened to us,” Dr. Merry said.

Dr. Merry conducted check ups on the health of the inmates twice a week.

“Their stories are tear jerking,” Dr. Merry said, referring to the inmates charged with common crimes. “They are victims of poverty,” she added.

Status of the Case

Asked about the progress of the case, Matibag said they blocked the supposed arraignment of the Morong 43 who were charged with illegal possession of firearms and explosives on May 14. They will again block the arraignment during the next hearing, tentatively set on August 12, Matibag said.

“There should be no arraignment pending decision on our appeal to the Supreme Court. The resolution on the appeal will determine whether the criminal cases will proceed or not,” he explained.

After the Court of Appeals junked the petition for habeas corpus filed by the lawyers of the Morong 43, a an appeal was filed before the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court will resume hearings on June 15.

“It’s just a matter of time before they would be released because the conduct of the search and the arrests are patently illegal. The law is on our side,” Matibag said. (

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  1. The arrest, torture and continued detention of the Morong 43 (make that 45 if the two pregnant women give birth in jail) is the sign of the Arroyo government's desperation to crush people's organizations, even those that offer service that the government should be doing in the first place. If the Morong 43 continue to be detained under the new Aquino government, this government should be shamed!

  2. your courage and determination are very inspiring.i still could not believe that even after the dictatorship there are still people behind bars suffering in subhuman conditions even though they are innocent of the crime charge against them.they are imprisoned by the enemies of freedom and i cannot help but to vehemently condemn their deplorable condition.keep the fire burning!free the 43 now!

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