OFW Killed in Kish Island, Embassy Officials Urged to Investigate

By Bulatlat.com

An overseas Filipino worker who was in Kish Island in the Persian Gulf on a tourist visa was killed on July 1, a chapter of Migrante International in Saudi Arabia reported recently. The victim was waiting for his re-entry visa for the United Arab Emirates when he was killed.

“We received this very sad information that one of our fellow OFWs has been killed on July 1 by a Sudani national who was challenging OFWs to a fist fight,” Migrante Middle East coordinator John Leonard Monterona said.

Marcus (not his real name), 24, from Bicutan, Taguig, was in the island because most OFWs working in UAE with tourist visas usually go to Kish Island as exit point when their visa is about to expire.

Reports said Marcus did not take on the Sudani national’s challenge to a fist fight until he was slapped several times. Marcus only fought back to defend himself. But the fist fight turned bloody when the Sudani national’s companion pulled out a knife and plunged it at Marcus’ chest.

Fellow OFWs and some Iranians rushed him to the hospital but he was declared dead on arrival at around 8:00 p.m.

“The Philippine consulate must ensure that the Sudani culprits are sent to jail and slapped with appropriate charges,” Monterona said, adding that they are trying to get in touch with Marcus’ relatives in UAE or in the Philippines so that an authorization letter to conduct an autopsy could be secured immediately. He said it would yield evidence for the criminal case that would be filed against the Sudani nationals.

Monterona also called on the Department of Foreign Affairs and the Overseas Workers Welfare Association to immediately provide Marcus’ family the much-needed financial assistance.

“We expect the Aquino government to seriously address the deplorable plight of our OFWs, including the undocumented and victims of illegal recruitment and human trafficking, and many other OFWs woes and concerns,” Monterona said. “After Aquino issued policy statements and directives, we now need concrete results.” (J. J. Ellao/Bulatlat.com)

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  1. WE wish, for Pnoy that he must firedout or terminate all the official and all worker in the NFA, to be sure there is no mamfia anymore about the issue of NFA rice.

  2. The killer should be punished, they are killing people as if they are killing mosquitoes. Justice for Marcus.

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    The OFW killed in this incident is in a deplorable state. Filipino embassy officials who are incharge of protecting the rights and privileges of OFWs should leave no stone unturned to render justice to the poor victim now. His heirs must be made to collect in the soonest time possible all monetary benefits due him. More importantly, the Sudani killers should be put behind bars to atone for their sins and to give fairness to an innocent victim.

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