Critics Slam ‘Conditional Cash Transfer Program’ as Unsustainable, Corruption-Prone

Real Beneficiaries

The Filipino people would not benefit from the CCT in the long run, Mariano said, only Aquino who would enjoy the benefits of CCT. “It would be in the form of patronage for tolerating and propagating a culture of mendicancy.”

Ibon said Aquino is “hard-pressed to meet, or at least be seen to be trying to meet” the high expectations of the people during the election campaign and at the start of his term.

However, Ibon said, the CCT merely coincides with the interest of politicians for “ever-greater resources for patronage” and “as opportunities for corruption.”

The CCT, Ibon added, would also provide leeway for the government to continue privatizing social services “because the welfare intervention has shifted to cash transfers.” The said “social protection” would only be used to rationalize free market policies, an economy free from government intervention, just as what Arroyo and other previous administrations have pushed for.

The cash transfer scheme would also be used in “pseudo-development projects” of the Armed Forces of the Philippines for their counterinsurgency programs, which has only brought about a rising toll of human rights violations among the ranks of legal activists and civilians. “…rather than real development. These have the short-term tactical objective of trying to convince rural communities to withdraw their support for the Maoist revolutionary armed movement,” Ibon said.

“The CCT scheme however is just a massive dole-out, public relations and counterinsurgency fund audaciously packaged as a novel way of addressing poverty and underdevelopment,” Ibon said. (

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  1. this cct program will only push the filipinos in total and unmanageable poverty and perpetual indebtedness to the us banks and the socialist democrats who are conniving with the corrupt thieves in the philippine government.

    obama’s almost 2 trillion dollar program have not and will not materialized in job creation…..instead it had accentuated and catalyzed the us taxpayers debt and increased unemployment.

    our sss ,madicare,and medicade are bankrupt.

    although a lot of republicans are greatly to blame…only the real and true americans who believe in hard work and living within their means and saving more and consuming less will be the only ones left standing.

    also these funds are not grant or free….the filipino taxpayers have to still pay for these funds later on.

    what the philippine government should have insisted and rightfully so should have been technology transfers and joint manufacturing transfer from US,Japan,China, and Canada,and EU countries and not indebtedness.

    every filipino should insist on what is right,fair and for foreigner to stop corrupting our government officials.

  2. "However, Ibon said, the CCT merely coincides with the interest of politicians for “ever-greater resources for patronage” and “as opportunities for corruption.”"

    This is exactly what's going on, even before the CCT program is implemented. I challenge the DSWD to find out if this is true. I'd be happy to be wrong about this assertion—the "not so poor, but in the right place and with the right affiliations are lining up to be part of the "poor" list." Really Sec. Soliman, check for yourself!

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