Woman Political Prisoner Released After Appeals Court Reverses Lower Court Decision

Life in Prison

They were transferred from Camp Leon Kilat to the Dumaguete City Jail on Sept. 5. In March 2009, she was transferred to the Correctional Institution for Women.

She stayed at the Dorm 11 with more than 50 inmates, mostly convicted of drug-related charges. Three more political prisoners are at the Correctional. She had the chance to see and talk to them during visits of members of Samahan ng Ex-Detainees Laban sa Detensyon at para sa Amnestiya (Selda).

Away from loved ones, Mahilum fought her loneliness by doing bead work. Her sister was able to visit her only once. “They had no money for transportation,” Mahilum said. Her elder sister is a laundrywoman in Cebu.

Mahilum also attended alternative classes for lower elementary in prison. Coming from a poor peasant family, Mahilum only finished Grade 1.

Even in prison, Mahilum said there was no equality. “Prisoners who have money occupy rooms of their own, complete with comfort room.”


Mahilum said she is waiting for her sister to fetch her from Cebu. At the moment, she is staying with members of Selda and Karapatan.

“I want to start a new life. I still don’t know how,” she said.

She visited Lumantas in prison. “We had a brief talk and I gave him toiletries.” Mahilum was not allowed to go inside the cell of Lumantas because, the jail guards said, they are not yet married.

Asked if she would file charges against the police and military who arrested them, Mahilum said, “I would want to but we do not have the money.” (Bulatlat.com)

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  1. The harsh reality of inequality and impartiality in the society are still prevalent. Those in power are untouchable. Our country is still in a rotten system of political abuse and inhumanity.

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