(In memory of botanist and U.P. Prof. Leonard Co, Sofronio Cortez and Julius Borromeo)

We have felt

the most painful poem:

the “Pasyon” inscribed on trees.

Those trees at the heart of the forest

which thirst for a drop of justice

Those trees looking up, imploring

whose leafy hands wave

like a mendicant man calling

for help while drowning in the sea of gunfire

Those trees that have fallen down in the heat of life

where there are sounds of nestlings crying,

bearing the brunt of the pangs of fright

while in a blaze the fascists’ guns fire

Poems are written

by those who sow seeds like us.

But when they grow into trees

are mercilessly cut down

by godless godheads

of gods.

(Translated by Angelo Ancheta, January 27, 2011)

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  1. Trees are the earth's lungs that keep us alive. I have this really weird feeling that trees have consciousness. Too many spooky experiences I've had around these majestic "creatures." And then, "myth" tells us the Buddha gained enlightenment under a tree (and as a child was lost in timelessness around trees)! Salamat sa tula tungkol sa mga puno.

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