NPA in Davao Frees Army Sergeant

MANILA — The New People’s Army in Southern Mindanao released today a sergeant in the Philippine Army after it cleared him of “counter-revolutionary” activities, the guerrilla group said in a statement.

The Herminio Alfonso Command-Front 53 Operations Command of the New People’s Army in the Davao provinces said Master Sergeant Mario Veluz was released because he had “no direct culpability nor serious violations to the revolutionary movement.”

Veluz was arrested by the NPA on February 6 at a checkpoint along the Davao-Bukidnon national highway. His .45 caliber pistol sidearm was confiscated during the checkpoint.

“Veluz had been on combat duty in the Philippine Army for more than three decades. While under the custody of the people’s army, the rights of M/Sgt. Veluz were protected under the International Humanitarian Law,” said Isabel Santiago, spokesperson of the Herminio Alfonso Command.

Santiago urged “foot soldiers should abandon their posts and repudiate the rotten system” in the wake of the military corruption scandal. (

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