Protest against US ‘subservience’ to hound Aquino this June


The Bagong Alyansang Makabayan (BAYAN) decried the visit of a United States military chief and said Malacañang was lying through its teeth that it had nothing to do with increasing US military interference in the country.

Late last weekend, General Martin Dempsey, chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff, arrived in Manila for a meeting this week with General Jessie Dellosa, chief of staff of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP). No details of the meeting were released by the US Embassy and Filipino officials.

Bayan deputy-secretary general Eleanor de Guzman said the talks are expected to center on the so-called US pivot to the Asia Pacific under the latest US military strategy. The meeting is also expected to tackle the ongoing tension between the Philippines and China over the Panatag Shoal in the West Philippine Sea.

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“It’s obvious that officials intentionally delayed the public disclosure of Gen. Dempsey’s visit to avoid the usual controversy and preempt protests from groups strongly opposing increased US military presence and intervention in the country,” de Guzman said. She said the patriotic ranks of the Filipino people would continue to resist plans by the US military to station more elite troops in secret bases around the country, to conduct more training exercises under Balikatan, and to send more US warships in Philippine ports as part of the Obama administration’s rebalancing of forces toward Asia Pacific.

Bayan repeated its warning to the Aquino administration that its efforts to allow more US troops and ships in the country are creating serious threats to peace and stability in the region which will undermine the national interest and safety of the Filipino people. It cited the un-announced arrival in Subic Bay of a nuclear-powered US submarine last month that prompted China to deploy 5 warships close to Philippine maritime domain.

“We kicked out their large military bases but, in cahoots with Philippine officials, they were able to return through the VFA (Visiting Forces Agreement). Now, the entire country is in danger of becoming an even larger American military base with Obama’s so-called pivot to Asia. The decades of military intervention, of abuses and violation of our sovereignty as a people in the hands of American troops are enough,” said de Guzman.

Bayan said it is organizing protest actions in Manila as well as in the US for the Washington visit of President Benigno Aquino III this week. Aquino is first set to go to Britain on June 4, and from there on June 6 proceed to the US. Aquino is expected to discuss with British Prime Minister David Cameron and US President Barack Obama the importance of freedom of navigation in the West Philippine Sea as an international concern.”

Protests against Aquino on Independence Day

In a related development, the Kilusang Magbubukid ng Pilipinas announced that there will be “massive Independence Day protests” directed against President Benigno Aquino III this June. Aquino is set to make a state visit to the US on June 8. The group also announced that farmers are set to launch nationwide protests in commemoration of Independence Day on June 12 and the 24th year of the sham Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Program (CARP) on June 10.

The farmers’ groups assailed the Aquino administration and the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) as the US’ “top apologist” for justifying the permanent presence of US troops in the country and the Asia-Pacific region. The KMP issued the statement after the DFA said the Philippines could expect a “greater number” of US warships coming in the country.

KMP deputy secretary general Randall Echanis said the DFA statement both shows the one-sidedness of the VFA and the Aquino government’s incapability to protest US military arrogance and intervention, “just like what happened to the unannounced surfacing and docking of the USS North Carolina attack submarine in Subic last month.”

“As the No.1 poster boy of US interventionist war in the Asia-Pacific region, the Aquino government has been reduced to being a spokesperson for the American military, justifying US’ troops’ permanent presence in the country under the guise of so-called rebalancing and port calls,” Echanis said. “Aquino’s June 8 state visit to the US would be a reiteration of Aquino’s pledge of puppetry to the US.”

“In exchange for US warships and troops’ basing in the country is their continuing approval of Aquino’s anti-people political maneuvers,” he said.

Echanis said Aquino’s recent high-profile and well-oiled campaign to take-over the judiciary by leading the campaign for the removal of former chief justice Renato Corona from the Supreme Court was sanctioned by the US.

“Aquino already controls the executive, legislative, and military branches; control over the judiciary completes Aquino’s control over all branches of government,” he said. “The continued US backing complements his deceptive yellow government. US support is a necessary component of Aquino’s plan to lay down a dictatorship as a response to his failure to address the worsening landlessness, joblessness, hunger and poverty in the country,” says Echanis.

“Next week, Independence Day, the Filipino peasantry will expose the irony behind Aquino’s state visit to the US on June 8 and the US’ permanent presence in the country. We will take the streets to continuously demand genuine land reform, freedom and democracy,” Echanis said. (

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  1. I find it hard to believe that any Filipinos are acting this anti-American. They have to know they DO NOT STAND A CHANCE against China, and maintaining any sovereignty, without US help. China would run over them in a matter of days, and claim all the islands and seas it wants around that region with no one to challenge them. The select few Filipinos who are complaining about this better get their act together, because they are doing their country no good by letting it be bullied by China. The US is going to go through the waters eventually and challenge Chinese claims over the entire sea, so the Philippines may as well stand up and with a force that see it the same way they do. Otherwise, they may find the shoals less of a problem, and find their entire island nation being claimed by China.

  2. Of course they will prevent any liberal ideology since they are being brainwashed by the communist ideology.. It seems, they are being served as an extended hand of the Communist China as an advanced party for their conquest of the Philippine Archipelago.. I think, we should once and for all say that this rallies must be stopped. They are not there to serve our democratic way of life. Communist rebels must be stopped, they are already wearing and depleting our military in such a way that is beneficial to a greedy China..

  3. · Edit

    akbayan party itigil ninyo yung rally ninyo kung gobyerno natin kinausap na ang china sa problema na yan .hindi inintindi ng china sa tingin ninyo ba may maitutulong ba kayo, sa ginagawa ninyo. kung arisibong manakop ang china kayo sa ang unang ipadala sa spratlys o sa scalboro pang harang.doon para may maitulong lang kayo sa gobyerno natin

  4. Yang Bayan na yan mga TANGA at yan ang panira sa imahe ng bansa natin… Palibhasa bayaran mga yan.. Pano wala na makain kaya tumatanggap ng bayad sa mga komunistang intisk…Yang Reyes na yan na lagi ko nalang nakikita pagmumukha nya sa TV nagppainterview nagpapaliwanag kung bakit sila nagpoprotesta.. Gusto nya siguro mag artista… Kumukulo dugo ko sayo pag nakikita ko pagmumukha mo sa TV kasi panay ka reklamo, panay ka puna bakit may napatunayan ka na ba sa Bansa natin… May nagawa ka na ba…. Para mampuna ka ng wala sa lugar.. Ok lang mampuna pero wag lagi na nakakasira na sa imahe natin….At yang mga nagpoprotesta.. Di ba kayo nakakaramdam ng hiya kahit konte lang kasi nakaharang kayo sa daan ang nagiging dahilan ng trapik…..

  5. Dapat ang gawin po ninyo mga activists mag cooperate sa gobyerno. Hindi puro reklamo. Ano ba naitulong ninyo sa gobyerno? Ano ba nagawa nyo? Think a lot Einstien.. Ang totoong makabayan ay tumutulong para mapaunlad at magkaisa ang mga Filipino. Doon po kayo mag rally sa spratly & Scarborough shoal. Maganda doon, wala nang Chinese & Filipino vessels,wala kayo ma disturb. Ang kalaban nyo environmentalists. Please naman, isipin nyo if ano magawa nyo if CN invasion plan to Asia starts today.

  6. I wonder how much the Chineese government pays these Communist militant groups – BAYAN to act the way they do.

    It’s understandable that a bunch of peasent and uneducated folks like BAYAN can not comprehend the magnitude of the threat that china is and only with U.S. backing can the Philippines stand a chance.

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