Love is not just about you and I

the calmed weather
did not calm
her weary heart
as the pages of
the calendar changed
their faces
and blew away
the leaves of
so many yesterdays

buried from a dreadful past,
paralyzed from the memories
that played on loops
until the voices of madness
devoured her sanity,
watching the linoleum floor
ripples like ocean
turning her stomach
upside down
squeezing her soul

I counted her tears,
strung out from the magic
that did not quench anything at all,
clung to the couch
numb from the bottles
as the world around her
turned into clouds
and slowly turned her
into a sad
forlorn angel
in the sad
evening sky

and there,
she remembered what she left
and what she fought for

as she fly,
she recalls the beautiful countryside
where the trees can sing
and the birds can dance,
where nicest people around
welcomed her with
warm warm embrace,

then she thought,
“what a beautiful place
trapped in such horrible world”

as she flies,
she looks back down
at the ground,
watching the planet,
looking at what the cruel
decorated men
had wrought there,
armed to obey,
took her away,
laughed at her ambitions
electrocuted her optimism,
extracted her answers
that she never gave,
did filthy horrible things
to her shackled body,

there, she thought,
“what a mad terrible world
for such beautiful dreams”

By Mikhail Enver Requilman

Si Mikhail Enver Requilman ay isang mangingibig, manunulat, at tagamulat sa pahayagang The Warden ng Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Muntinlupa. Sa kanyang mga ordinaryong araw, siya ay isang Mass Communication student sa nasabing pamantasan. At sa kanyang mga di-ordinaryong araw naman, bukod sa pagiging mamamahayag pangkampus, siya rin ay kasalukuyang Secretary-General ng College Editors Guild of the Philippines – Metro Manila.

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