#SaveMaryJane | Second petition for judicial review junked

Mary Jane's sister to police: What if this would happen to your family? (Photo by J. Ellao / Bulatlat.com)
Mary Jane’s sister to police: What if this would happen to your family? (Photo by J. Ellao / Bulatlat.com)

A day before her execution, the Indonesian Supreme Court rejected Mary Jane Veloso’s appeal for a second judicial review.


MANILA – The Indonesian Supreme Court has junked the petition for a second judicial review for Mary Jane Veloso, a day before her scheduled execution.

“There are confirmed reports that at around 4:15 p.m., the District Court of Sleman said it ‘could not accept’ the second judicial review of Mary Jane. Our Indonesian counterparts are studying the contents and implications of said rejection written in Bahasa,” Edre Olalia, secretary general of National Union of Peoples’ Lawyers, said in a text message.

The petition was filed on April 24 on grounds that Mary Jane is a victim of drug and human trafficking.

Olalia, who heads the battery of Filipino pro bono lawyers of the Veloso family, said that they will confer with their Indonesian counterparts on the “next legal step available, if any, given the time context.”

“The political act of clemency by President Widodo, which is independent of the legal and judicial remedies – is still a remaining, distinct possibility,” he said.


Meanwhile, supporters of Mary Jane who were holding a vigil in front of the Indonesian embassy in Makati City assailed what they called police harassment.

Last night, April 26, at around 8:30 p.m., the police asked the people to abandon the vigil, and just return the following day since they do not have any permit to rally.

The police and leaders of the protesters eventually reached an agreement that the latter will not lean on the embassy’s wall.

Almost two hours later, at least 50 anti-riot police arrived, armed with their shields. This resulted to tension between the police and the supporters of the Filipina on death row.

“Things were peaceful before you came. You caused this chaos,” one protester shouted at the police.

There are more than 100 police deployed in the vicinity of the Indonesian embassy as of this writing.

In Indonesia, Olalia was barred from visiting Mary Jane. An official of the Philippine embassy told Olalia that he was not allowed to enter.

In a statement, the NUPL said government officials cited “stricter security measures” but gave no explanation why.

More support

Garry Martinez, chairperson of Migrante International, said while the legal battle may seem to have ended here, the fight to save Mary Jane continues.

They called on the Filipino people to light candles for Mary Jane. (https://www.bulatlat.com)

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