Lawyers hold rally vs Sereno ouster

Performance artist Mae Paner dramatizes what lawyers says is the death of judicial independence with the ouster of Ma Lourdes Sereno as chief justice through a quo warranto petition. (Photo by Sarah Jane Mendoza Aguilar/Kodao)

Lawyers held a rally in front of the Supreme Court Tuesday to protest the May 11 decision of the majority of its magistrates to oust Ma. Lourdes Sereno as chief justice.

Dissenting with the decision, lawyers led by the National Union of Peoples’ Lawyers said Sereno’s ouster through the quo warranto petition is unconstitutional.

In a statement, NUPL said the “erroneous” and “shortcut” petition has far reaching effects as it slays judicial independence.

Photo by Mon Ramirez/Arkibong Bayan

“Our democracy is in peril. Monopoly of power in the Executive without checks and balance is practically complete,” the NUPL said.

The group earlier said Sereno should have been subjected to an impeachment trial in the Senate as an impeachable official, blaming the Rodrigo Duterte government for the chief magistrate’s ouster.

“Dissent even in traditional forms are shot down. Those who stand in the way of government policy and fancy are waylaid,” NUPL said.

The NUPL said it is its duty to protect the rule of law and has thus decided to organize the nationally coordinated protest actions.

“Our reason for being is put to question. We are being forced to relearn or unlearn what we studied or taught in law school. The Decision revolts against norms we hold dear,” it said.

Wearing court attires, the lawyers also wore black ribbons as a sign of protest and pleading.

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  1. Sobrang tagal ng hustisya na nga sa atin. What do they mean of short cutting of the judicial process when it was the magistrates voted for her ousters who really has the final verdict. It is good and working for the justice system to fast ttrack cases that has been delayed for so many decadea now.

  2. We should respect the decision of the supreme court. The dye is already cast. The supreme court has spoken. The decision clearly and squarely answers all the apprehensions against quo warranto. All the pros and cons were answered point by point by the court. The decision was clear as to when the decision will apply in the future, so no more confusions in the future. Lets move on for the good of the nation. Stop politicking!!!

  3. Hindi na dapatt na nating pagtalunan pa kung meron rin naman plang nagawa mali di na dapat i-tolerate yan para walang bahid dungis ang ating judicial system sa bansa at upang maiayos pa ng mas mabuti. mabuhay ang SC.

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