No social distancing for commuters on 2nd day of quarantine

“To those who are reducing this as ‘matigas ang ulo,’ kindly check not only your body temperature but also your privilege. Making people choose between ‘not spreading the virus’ and ‘magtrabaho para may makain ang pamilya’ is never fair.”


MANILA – Authorities ordered the public to observe social distancing on their way to work. But on Monday, March 16, the first day of work week and second day of community quarantine, several netizens pointed out that government measures against COVID-19 prove futile.

Netizens posted about their situation while in borders going out of Metro Manila. Motorcycle riders were in close distance and commuters were also jampacked in bus stations.

Some netizens expressed their dismay at employers who did not implement “work from home” scheme. Others sympathized with others who have no choice but to report to work.

On March 14, Department of Transportation (DOTr) has imposed a passenger capacity limit and a one-seat-apart policy for all modes of public transportation in Metro Manila.

Public utility jeepneys for the meantime are no longer allowed to have more than half of its regular capacity, including the driver. Public utility buses are allowed to carry 25 passengers or less only, including the driver and conductor.

There should be no more than four passengers for transportations such as taxi, transportation network vehicle services (TNVS), including the driver. Meanwhile, UV express should have no more than six passengers inside, including the driver.

However, as of this writing, a report said the DOTr is now considering a total ban on public transportation while the National Capital Region is under a community quarantine. (

*Featured image courtesy of Mj Rodriguez

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