Ma of missing activist longs for her daughter

Mrs. Empeno holds photos of daughter Karen. (Photo by J. Ellao /


MANILA — “Where are you?”

Concepcion Empeño posted this on her Facebook account today as her disappeared daughter Karen Empeño turned 37 years old.

This is the very same question their family and friends have been asking for the past 14 years since Karen was abducted along with fellow university student Sherlyn Cadapan and farmer Manuel Merino.

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“Where are you? How are you? Who are you with? Are you happy? Have you eaten?” the pining mother wrote in Filipino on her Facebook post.

Retired general Jovito Palparan Jr. and two other military officers were found guilty of kidnapping and serious illegal detention in relation to the disappearances of Karen and Sherlyn.

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Still, the two women remain missing to this day.

“Are you happily eating your favorite spaghetti and roasted chicken? Can you sleep well? When will these questions be finally answered?” Empeño asked.

Empeño said their family still hopes that their questions would be answered in this lifetime. (


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