IT professionals, activists condemn signing of SIM registration bill into law


MANILA – The Computer Professionals’ Union and other groups condemned the enactment of SIM Registration Act, saying that the law “puts at risk our right to privacy and data protection.”

Ferdinand Marcos Jr. signed today, October 10, the SIM Registration Bill into law.

In a separate statement, Bagong Alyansang Makabayan said, “The signed SIM Registration Law poses problems for privacy rights as the Philippine government is notorious for illegal surveillance and violations of data privacy. The SIM registration can become a vast surveillance network used against the people.”

Bayan added that the data which would be collected might not be kept safe, citing previous incidents of data leak from government websites.

In a separate statement, Agham Youth said, “It is a shame that the first law that Marcos Jr signs does not solve rising prices, a worsening economy, or any of the real issues today. Instead, he not only spends his time wasting the people’s money through extravagant trips, but signs ineffective laws that put the public in danger.”

The law purportedly aims to address online scams but both the CPU and Bayan maintained that “sacrificing privacy is a more problematic response.”

“The way to solve crime is not through lazy bandage solutions, and definitely not through further endangering the public,” CPU said.

CPU added the Marcos regime should instead put in full force the administration and implementation of the provisions of the Data Privacy Act of 2012.

Agham Youth called on all Filipinos “to continue to reject the SIM Registration Law and be vigilant in efforts to use the law to violate our privacy, steal our data, and disenfranchise the people.” (

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