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Rights groups say Sinas ‘far from being a good, honest cop’

“With the trail of killings, illegal arrest and detention, and other criminal acts committed in the course of the implementation of the local synchronized enhanced management of police operations (SEMPO) in Negros, which were committed under his purview, he is in no way ‘good and honest.’ ”

11 questions on press freedom under Duterte

Ending impunity entails collective action and the resolve to change the oppressive social system that engenders culture of impunity. We’re definitely not there yet but there are efforts to do so. There is no clear timeline as to when this can be achieved as it depends largely on the victory of the people’s movement, not just the journalists and news media organizations acting as a small sector.

‘Impunity rules the land’ — kin of Morong 43 on junking of charges vs military, police

“When torturers and human rights violators are rewarded with promotions and acquittals for the crimes they have perpetuated against individuals and communities, this means that the infrastructure of impunity has been so ingrained in the justice system in the country.”

HR violations, impunity persist under Duterte

Just ten months in office and after announcing that “Change is coming!” the Duterte government appears bound to be lumped up with its predecessor administrations and indicted before the international community for continued human rights violations and worsening impunity. Yes, that’s how it looks based on the summary presentation in a media briefing last Thursday…

Dismantling the culture of impunity

In 2015, the Philippines was number four in the Committee to Protect Journalists’ (CPJ) Impunity Index, after Somalia, Iraq, and Syria. The Index lists those countries where the killers of journalists are seldom, if ever, punished, with many literally getting away with murder. The first three countries are failed states, which raises the question of…