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State security forces resort to death threats, red tagging against Makabayan party-list groups, supporters

Members and supporters of senatorial candidate Neri Colmenares and Makabayan partylist groups received death threats, were harassed and labeled as communists and supporters of New People’s Army (NPA). The Makabayan bloc has been critical of the Duterte administration.

Bullying tactics on con-ass, stiff stalemate on voting

Through bullying tactics the House “super-majority” last Tuesday approved, by a voice vote (“ayes” and “nays”), Concurrent Resolution No. 9 which calls for Congress to act as constituent assembly or “con-ass” to revise the 1987 Constitution. The purported goal: to change the form of government from the current unitary to a federal system, a project…

Makabayan solons to push for substantial wage hikes, social services in 2017 budget

The Makabayan bloc wants to make sure that the people’s money will be allocated for basic social services. By ANNE MARXZE D. UMIL Bulatlat MANILA – Progressive partylist lawmakers are set to push for substantial wage increases and increased funds for social services in a “pork barrel-free” 2017 budget, which is set to be deliberated…

‘A mockery of the constitution’ | Groups mourn ‘death’ of impeachment raps

“From his perpetuation of domestic pork barrel corruption to his subservience to foreign military and economic interests and wanton disregard of the environment, Aquino must be held to account beyond the halls of the House of Representatives.” — Clemente Bautista, national coordinator of the Kalikasan-PNE