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Privatization is creating an artificial water shortage

Focusing on just Manila Water diverts the issue away from privatization as the central issue in, and underlying reason behind, the artificial shortage. As such, it also has the effect of absolving government of responsibility when in fact, the biggest accountability in all this lies with government for abandoning its duty to ensure water for the people.

‘Sovereign guarantees, arbitration clause in MWSS deal unconstitutional’ –BayanMuna

Bayan Muna lawmakers asked the Supreme Court to stop this virtual “transfer of power to a private entity,” or transfer of power to decide on matters that are within the purview of MWSS, as the government regulating agency, to the concessionaires or to a private arbitration/appeals panel, the International Court of Arbitration of the International Chamber of Commerce.

Progressive groups call looming water rate hike a robbery

This year, private water concessionaires are up for ‘rate rebasing,’ meaning they would substantially increase water rates to pass on the costs of their planned projects, some of which would not be implemented but will be charged to consumers anyway. This is aside from the usual rate increases.

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News release 1 February 2011 The Water for the People Network (WPN) condemned the rate hikes implemented by private water concessionaires in Metro Manila, calling the increases unjustified and insensitive to the plight of ordinary consumers. Starting this month, Manila Water Co. will charge P1.92 per cubic meter (cu. m) more on residential customers using…