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Filipino artists group launches recipe booklet in Hong Kong

SAKA, or Sama-Samang Artista para sa Kilusang Agraryo, was recently invited by arts center Para Site to visit Hong Kong and share about the struggle for agrarian reform in the Philippines. They produced a booklet entitled, “Three Songs, Three Recipes.” SAKA, an alliance of artists concerned with genuine land reform, rural development, and food security, bonded with migrant workers over food and music.

Painting the presence of freedom

“Artists know that their freedom to create the art that they wish to is premised on the freedom of expression. When this freedom is taken away, so is their freedom to create art. And they create art to serve the basic sectors, because we basically owe everything to farmers and workers—what we eat, the things that we use everyday. When they are suppressed, then everything else is rendered meaningless.”